Librelato opens soy harvest

Brazil-based trailer builder, Librelato, participated in the opening of a soy harvest last month.

The Soy Harvest 2020/2021 held 17-19 February was hosted by the agribusiness company, Risa, at Ribeirão Farm, in Baixa Grande do Ribeiro, Piau.

The event reportedly showcased the entire logistical operation that involves the planting and harvesting of soybeans on the farm owned by Risa in the state of Piauí which has an area of 21,000 hectares.

Risa counted on the presence of customers from all over Brazil and around 120 employees to demonstrate the work step by step.

According to Risa Operations Director, Paulo Ferrari, the operation involved more than 50 exclusive Librelato tippers to load around 4,000 tonnes of soybeans per day of harvest.

The Librelato tippers are reported to provide greater versatility to the harvesting operation, allowing faster loading and unloading, in addition to great stability to the trucks, without the need for decoupling. With this solution, the trucks maintain good driveability and less drag, avoiding excessive tyre wear.

“This project was developed exclusively for Risa, which was looking for greater efficiency and speed in its operations in the field,” said Librelato Commercial Director, Rafael Bett.

“This demonstrates Librelato’s great focus on developing customised solutions to increase the productivity of its customers, both at harvest time and for transporting the harvest.”

For Pedro Adelir, Ribeirão da Risa Finance Manager, all the investment applied in the last year involving irrigation technologies, machinery and equipment, even planting processes such as fertilisation, seed technology and crop protection products, is estimated to be a harvest with a volume of 5,400 tonnes higher than the 2019/2020 harvest.

“In this event, we presented a productive, grandiose and technological Northeast, different from what the media is used to showing,” he said.

“In addition, the grandeur of the logistics operation was evident, in addition to all the technology present in the equipment and the complexity that requires synchronisation in the work of all those involved.”

Librelato CEO, José Carlos Sprícigo, said it was extremely important to participate in a technical event of this magnitude.

“In addition to bringing us closer and closer to the customer, reinforcing the history of the partnership that already exists between the two companies, we understand all their operational needs in the field,” he said.

“More than ever, agribusiness has a fundamental role in the recovery of the economy and this logistical operation has shown that the sector will continue to grow in the country.”

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