Intermodal transport specialist partners with Wielton

Polish OEM, Wielton, has supplied CLIP Group with 100 modern huckepack vehicles.

These units are dedicated to intermodal transport via railway wagons.

The full potential of intermodal transport is not being used in Poland according to Wielton – despite the advantageous geographic location and dense network of railway connections compared to other European Union countries.

“However, over the last few years, combined transport is gaining more and more importance in our country, thanks to EU funds allocated to investments in the field of road and rail infrastructure, the growing interest in this type of transport on the part of the state authorities, as well as the modernisation and expansion of accompanying infrastructure,” said Wielton.

“An excellent example of activities for the development of intermodal transport in Poland is the activity of the CLIP Group, which is one of the largest and most modern logistics centres in Central and Eastern Europe. CLIP Group is constantly investing in the modernisation of its Intermodal Terminal.

“Recently, it has installed the innovative Lohr Railway system, which is a modern technology that allows for horizontal loading of standard road trailers onto railway wagons.

“This is the first and only solution of this type in Poland that does not require the use of a crane.”

CLIP Group partnered with Wielton last year to acquire modern intermodal trailers which includes an order of 50 Mega Curtain Master semi-trailers and 50 Dry Master closed box semi-trailers.

Special emphasis was placed on durability, tightness and functionality of use according to Wielton. The OEM’s R&D department carried out full truckload testing to test the modern structure of the trailer frame and superstructure to ensure high durability. Also, the low curb weight of the semi-trailer was maintained, reducing operational costs for long journeys.

“The possibility of reducing the overall costs of the transport process and reducing the negative impact on the environment make intermodal transport more and more popular,” said Wielton Director of the Western Region, Przemysław Skrivanek.

“We have many years of experience in Wielton in the production of semi-trailers used in this type of transport.

“For this reason, we are glad that we have partnered with CLIP Group and we can support another customer by providing unique, personalised vehicles. We are a partner who understands the transport business, is able to listen and provides the best solutions, tailored to customer requirements.”

Mega Curtain Master and Dry Master trailers, delivered to CLIP Group, are huckepack vehicles. These vehicles have been adapted to combined transport, thanks to a reinforced frame and air suspension, as well as the use of unique solutions, such as a folding bumper. The products have appropriate reinforcements in the chassis, enabling vertical loading, ie detachable suspension, four grab handles arranged in accordance with the UIC 596-5 standard and a reinforced connection board, which is protected by additional rubber buffers.

These types of semi-trailers can also be used for transport by ferry, provided they are equipped with ferry holders that enable proper securing of the semi-trailer. Additionally, Dry Master vans have been equipped with the DoubleDeck double loading system, which allows the maximum use of the cargo space. In turn, the Mega Curtain Master trailers have additional equipment options that increase the versatility of the sets in terms of transporting various goods, including tires and drinks.

“Our main task is to properly match the products to the needs of customers who expect, above all, modern and durable products that are comfortable to use and safe,” said Wielton Business Advisor, Krzysztof Beder.

“Wielton huckepack vehicles, delivered to CLIP Group, are perfect solutions dedicated to combined transport. They are united by an innovative and proven design, high-quality workmanship and ergonomic solutions that improve the process of loading and unloading, reducing the time. Thus, using them is effective, which translates into specific savings.”

The contract between CLIP Group and Wielton was carried out as part of the project ‘Purchase of intermodal trailers to service calls’ co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020.

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