bmi trailers launches waste spec innovation in AU market

The bmi RockPusher ejector trailer, ideal for asphalt delivery, is now available in Australia.

The bmi RockPusher, according to moving floor specialist and UK-based OEM, bmi trailers, is a better, safer and more measured option for operators. The trailer features a superior metered discharge rate with an efficient insulation to enhance productivity.

Tipper trailers create irregular discharge and can be dangerous if they collide with overhead cables, tree branches and structures. Traditional tippers can also be very labour intensive.

The bmi bulk waste ejector trailer, which has been tried and tested for over 30 years, is reported to be a much better alternative to the standard tipping trailer, due to its robust construction and controlled horizontal discharge which gives you the reassurance that it will not tip over while in operation on rough or uneven ground.

Bmi trailers, based in Northern Ireland, is the biggest UK manufacturer in moving floor trailers and with just recently celebrating 20 years of service.

The bulk waste ejector trailer has now been in use for 30 years now in Europe with great success and it offers a more robust, cost effective, landfill capable design which offers a quicker turnaround on landfill sites which in the long run will give you a more cost-effective method of waste disposal at landfill.

Although the RockPusher ejector trailers won’t be made in Australia, they will however be ‘Made for Australia’, with a robust Australian spec using a European design that has worked for over three decades, it will be suitable for heavy soils and organic waste, and will offer a safer alternative to the aggregate market also.

The bmi RockPusher half pipe ejector is the perfect addition if you need a hardworking and extra safe trailer that can work great with aggregates, heavy soils, silts or fines. This ejector offers a fast, controlled horizontal discharge, with a hard-robust construction that won’t tip or fall over on an uneven ground.

The bmi insulated RockPusher is controlled from the paver/feeder machine or Banksman via a wireless remote control, offering up to 30 tonnes of payload delivered in under three minutes safely with no drama, no risk, just efficiency in getting the job done with a total cleanout guaranteed every time, on time and with total control.

Brendan McIlvanna, Managing Director of bmi trailers, said the company’s success to date is built on excellent service, its commitment to aftersales and leading the way with innovative trailer designs.

“Our trailers are better built, stronger and designed to manage UK and Irish waste, which we believe will suit the Australian waste,” he said. “Bmi trailers has carved out a niche product and it is steps ahead in its engineering capabilities and designs.”

Over the past 20 years, bmi trailers has delivered a wide range of projects to its diverse clients and waste environmental projects from large government bodies to waste disposal companies, and to clients across the UK as well as Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Africa and Poland.

The company’s core business is the waste and recycling market offering high quality transfer trailers that are designed and manufactured at its head office in Dungannon.