US trailer market starts 2021 on solid note

Preliminary reports from ACT Research indicate that January net order volume growth of 29.1K trailers was up 94 per cent from the same month last year.

That was also reportedly down 33 per cent from December 2020 bookings.

“The year-over-year gain, with OEMs booking almost twice the volume they reported last January, was in line with expectations, as the industry continues to see solid interest from fleets for equipment acquisition,” said ACT Research Director CV Transportation Analysis and Research, Frank Maly.

“The slower order pace versus December was also anticipated.

“The order surge last September through December, which sets the stage for solid production volumes this year, is actually somewhat of a limiting factor for additional orders in the short-term.

“For dry vans and reefers, orderboards currently commit many OEMs into late 2021, and that means 2021 production slots are becoming a rare commodity. There is a reticence for OEMs to open 2022 slots at this time, and actually, some uncertainty on the fleet side to extend CAPEX intentions that far out as well.

“Increasing production rates continue to be a challenge for trailer OEMs, as headwinds from increasing staff and growing concerns regarding materials and components supplies are evident. Improvement in both those areas would generate additional production capacity as we progress through 2021.”

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