PNO announces strategic expansion

Denmark-based trailer rental firm, PNO Group, is entering the German market.

“The German market is an obvious choice for PNO due to its market size and proximity to our other business operations,” PNO said in a statement.

“Entering a new market comes with many opportunities and challenges, and therefore we have conducted thorough due diligence, and strongly believe there is great potential for PNO in Germany.

“Whilst PNO is new in the German market, we will leverage on the many years of experience from our other markets and build upon the existing customer relations.”

PNO Group CCO, Pauli Johannesen, and PNO Sales Director Germany, Wemal Kumar, will lead this new arm of the business.

“Germany is one of the biggest markets and is, therefore, an important focus for PNO’s long-term growth,” said PNO Group Owner and CEO, Jacob Ørnstrand.

“We have a solid foundation through our existing setup which has been built since PNO was established in 1975 by Per Ørnstrand, my father.

“We approach the new market with a humble mindset, and will carefully listen to requirements and local needs. We are fully focused on bringing value to our customers.”

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