Van Eck produces double deck trailer for Claus Reformwaren Service Team

Netherlands-based trailer manufacturer, Van Eck, has a particularly efficient new customer in its ranks with the Claus Reformwaren Service Team.

Claus Reformwaren is an internationally operating wholesaler in health food, with an emphasis on organic, vegetarian and vegan. With a modern fleet, Claus supplies numerous specialty stores across Europe.

Claus Reformwaren Service Team doesn’t do this all by itself. Part of the logistics, such as in the north of Germany and in France, is outsourced to large logistics service providers. But Austria and Switzerland, as well as southern and central Germany, Claus delivers all by itself. To this end, the company has its own distribution centers near Munich, Frankfurt and Dortmund, while its head office is located in Baden-Baden, in southwestern Germany. With about fifty vehicles and vehicle combinations, the distribution is carried out. Claus Reformwaren offers a choice from a range of more than 20,000 articles.

Van Eck is one of the first manufacturers of Double deck trailers out of their mission to contribute to lowering CO2 emission and has been consistently building them in the best quality for 17 years and Claus Reformwaren Service Team with their first purchase is in expert hands.

When stores order products from Claus Reformwaren Service Team, a system comes into operation that guarantees delivery within 24 hours. A crucial part of this system is a regular service that the company maintains between the four distribution centres. This is where the company opted for a double-deck trailer from Van Eck.

“This allows us to transport 87 roll containers per trip, while we properly comply with all rules regarding sizes and weights. Moreover, by working with a double deck trailer, we save a lot on CO2 emissions,” said H. Börsig from Claus.

“We got to know Van Eck as the only trailer manufacturer capable of building trailers that match our logistics activities so precisely.

The Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer, Van Eck confirms, is extremely efficient, equipped with the best safety features and the epitome of what is technically possible.

“Our contact with Van Eck has been pleasant from the start,” said Börsig. “It’s our first Van Eck, and we don’t rule out that more will follow. The double deck trailer is super efficient for us. It would be good for the environment if many more companies were to drive with such trailers.”

The trailer, which can only be driven by drivers who are first familiar with it, is equipped with a silent, fuel-efficient cooling machine and can therefore transport all products from the Claus reform range, within legal requirements.

“By working with the Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer, we save on journeys and can move large quantities of product, which enables us to maintain our customers’ stores faster and better,” said Börsig.

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