LTN collects six Krone trailers

Transport company, LTN, has acquired two Coil Liners and four Mega Liners in Werlte.

“LTN’s main location is Dortmund and we in the family and a large part of our employees are really crazy about football,” said LTN Managing Partner, Marco Niedenführ.

“As passionate BVB fans, we also want to communicate this clearly to the outside world with our fleet,” he said.

In addition to the four Mega Liners, LTN now also uses two new Coil Liners for steel transport, which is one of LTN’s main areas of focus alongside beverage and food logistics.

“All 25 trailers that we currently use in our fleet come from Krone,” said Niedenführ.

“Over the past 16 years, LTN has grown rapidly from a one-man operation to a company with 160 employees and ten locations. But our philosophy remains unchanged: we want to offer all our customers the best possible full service.

“The quality we find at Krone fits this perfectly. This applies not only to the vehicles, but also to the complete package that Krone offers, such as Krone Telematics or the FairCare service offers. Such solutions provide enormous support in cost management, for example.” he said.

On behalf of the Krone team, Managing Director Dr Frank Albers and Regional Sales Manager Mario Lindel expressed their thanks for the renewed order.

“Customer requests are top priority at LTN and are handled cleanly, punctually and with unconditional commitment,” they said in a joint statement. ”

It’s no different at Krone, so the two family-owned companies also fit together well in terms of mentality.

“In any case, we are very pleased that we were once again able to manufacture six trailers for LTN. We would also like to thank MAN for their great and professional support in designing the trailer curtains. This way, the entire combination, including the MAN tractor unit, looks like a visually appealing unit.”

In other news, Krone, demonstrated how a type 1 long HGV (extended semitrailer) can easily transport two swap bridges each 7.45 metres long.

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