BAS Group expands with Kässbohrer

Netherlands-based company, BAS Logistics, has expanded its fleet with 17 Kässbohrer trailers.

Fifteen of the new trailers will be used in international huckepack traffic and the other three will be requisitioned for distribution work at subsidiary Hereijgers.

Since the appointment of Lorenzo Bas as CEO at the BAS Group, the vision and strategy for distribution has focused more on collaboration with chains and participation in networks.

“This is an important cause of the success and growth of the past few years,” said BAS Logistics General Manager Operations, Ton van de Donk.

“BAS Logistics has been strong for years in transport to countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and France,” he said.

“By acquiring Hereijgers in 2007, the BAS Group also has access to a very strong distribution network in the Benelux.

“In order to handle the goods flow properly, a new building was moved into in 2014 where all warehousing and cross-dock activities were housed. But the growth was such that the capacity of the building had to be expanded considerably in 2018.

“Due to the newly realised size of the company and the many contacts that this resulted in, BAS Logistics came into the picture with many new customers, for whom this company was the perfect logistics service provider,” he said.

The demand for combined transport is on the rise at BAS Logistics.

“We see that we can already put about a hundred trailers on the train every week,” said van de Donk.

“Our customers are well aware that not all freight has to be delivered super fast to its final destination. In that case, we recommend using the train in the context of CSR (sustainability / CO2 reduction), especially if it concerns a destination in Italy,” he said.

It was clear, in this instance, for van de Donk to invest in Kässbohrer trailers.

“Trailers that are put on the train, especially when they are loaded, have to deal with great forces on the chassis,” he said. “We soon found out that Kässbohrer is the brand that best took this into account. This is clearly visible in the weighted floor. Kässbohrer’s competitors could not supply these. Secondly, the floor was built in a kind of tub model, so that the forces during transferring the road onto the track are better processed.”

Van de Donk said that Kässbohrer offers a trailer that fits within BAS Logistics’ standardised fleet.

“Based on this standardisation, Kässbohrer offers the variants that we exactly need,” he said. “That is why we chose Kässbohrer.”

Kässbohrer also supplies industry with a complete intermodal product range.

Adhering to the motto ‘Enginuity’, Kässbohrer engineers innovative products and services meeting the needs of its customers, addressing the changing industry and environment challenges together.

Including Trailer Innovation 2019 Award Winner in category ‘Chassis’ Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AVMH, Trailer Innovation 2021 second place winner in the category ‘Body’ first and only 45′ Coil Swap Body K.SWAU CC, lightest swap body on the market K.SWAU CL, robust Huckepack curtainsider vehicles, and 20′ to 40′ silo containers with biggest volumes in the market, Kässbohrer supports its customers with innovation for operational ease and cost reduction.

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