ZF eTrailer scores innovation accolade

ZF’s industry-leading eTrailer has been recognised in the Environment category of the CLEPA Innovation Awards 2020.

CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, recognises outstanding achievements in the automotive supply industry in the fields of the environment, safety, cooperation, connectivity and automation.

“We are deeply honoured to have been recognised by CLEPA for our intelligent eTrailer which offers best-in-class energy recuperation to improve fuel economy while reducing CO₂ and noise emissions”, said Dr Christian Brenneke, Senior Vice President Product Engineering with ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division. “Environmental sustainability, safety and efficiency are at the heart of ZF’s drive to support the global transport industry by shaping next generation mobility.”

Developed to maximise operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption, the eTrailer is equipped with an electric motor and associated control system, connecting truck and trailer vehicle controls.

The eTrailer’s intelligent motor recuperates electric energy during braking and downhill manoeuvres which can then be used to power the vehicle’s traction or to operate onboard electric auxiliaries. This breakthrough semitrailer, with its integrated electric drive system, effectively enables every conventional truck to become a hybrid. It is also a complementary solution for electrified trucks extending their range and offering the possibility of a downsized electrical installation.

ZF estimates its eTrailer could deliver fuel and CO₂ savings up to 16 per cent on short haul routes and up to 7.0 per cent for long hauls in a truck-trailer combination.

In other news, a new leader will guide ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Controls Systems Division (CVCS) into the new year.

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