Swiss transport company drives innovation with Krone

The latest addition to the fleet of Salzmann AG Transporte is a three-axle container chassis from the Krone Box Liner eL20 series for the transport of 20′ containers.

The new Box Liner is currently used for transportation of the Bern-based start-up company Neustark.

With the support of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU) and the Swiss Climate Foundation, Neustark has developed an innovative and award-winning process to permanently store CO2 in concrete.

In future, the process is to be used in concrete recycling plants and permanently bind CO2 in the form of limestone.

Salzmann AG will take over the logistics services for the Neustark company for the transport of liquefied and deep-frozen CO2 in specially insulated tank containers.

“We rely on the comfortable and robust Box Liner from Krone as the carrier vehicle for the tank containers,” said Salzmann owner and Managing Director, Lorenz Häuselmann.

“As we, as an environmentally conscious transport company, are also concerned about reducing CO2 emissions, we have also set special standards for the purchase of the towing vehicle.

“We decided on a new Scania truck with CNG gas motor, which is operated with 100 per cent biogas and is therefore CO2-neutral.

“In the context of our logistics activities for Neustark, we are consciously setting an example of keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible during transport,” he said.

Leonard Zesiger, Krone representative for Switzerland, expressed his thanks for the order.

“A Box Liner from Krone on which liquefied and deep-frozen CO2 is transported in specially insulated tank containers, which is used in the production of recycled concrete, is where many innovative ideas and products come together,” he said.

“The Krone team is happy to be able to contribute a small part to this start-up success story.”

Salzmann was founded in 1970, when the main focus was on the agricultural spreading of sewage sludge. In 2010, father Fredi Häuselmann took over Salzmann, which in the meantime had built up an excellent reputation as a competent transport partner for wastewater treatment plants, industry and agriculture. In the meantime, son Lorenz Häuselmann is managing the company.

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