Stoughton reports sales surge

US-based OEM, Stoughton, is experiencing ‘tremendous’ sales growth and has expanded its team.

Sales secured through several new dealers has contributed to the company’s order volume.

The majority of semi-trailers sold were dry vans, designed to hold palletised, boxed or loose freight.

“Despite the unpredictability we saw in the spring and early summer due to Covid-19, our business and industry have swiftly recovered and even thrived,” said Stoughton
Trailers Chief Commercial Officer, Jeremy Sanders.

“The fact that we’re experiencing such a large order volume increase for van trailers reinforces the health and resilience of our company, and the trust customers have in our brand.”

Trailer sales declined from April to July as fleet customers became apprehensive about purchasing equipment in the first several months of the pandemic. However, orders
began to rebound in August and have steadily grown according to Sanders.

“Customers have since gained confidence that the freight business will remain strong and are investing in trailers as well as utilising our Stoughton Lease rental trailer fleet,” he said.

A second factor resulting in greater order volume is the shift of more freight toward online order delivery. The industry requires more trailers to manage the logistical
challenges of increased parcel shipments.

The sharp order increase will, according to Sanders, keep trailer builders and other staff steadily busy through 2021.

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