Wielton delivers low-emission transport solution for Omega Pilzno

Polish OEM, Wielton, has supplied transport and logistics company, Omega Pilzno, with Strong Light Master semi-trailers featuring low unladen weight and durable structure.

This non-standard model of the semi-trailer, according to Wielton, weighs up to 700kg less than standard products, which directly translates into reduced fuel consumption and a reduction in the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Omega Pilzno has ordered 34 of these trailer units which are fully adapted to the company’s operational requirements.

The company’s order was supplemented with sets including gas-powered tractor units and semi-trailers with a reduced unladen weight, which were additionally equipped with tyres with reduced rolling resistance. By operating this 40-tonne truck combination in long-haul traffic, CO2 emissions can reportdly be reduced by up to 3.2 tonnes per year.

“We are glad that we have business partners who share similar values ​​and have a similar approach to environmental protection,” said Omega Pilzno ITiS Godawski & Godawski Management Board President, Adam Godawski.

“Thanks to this, we are able to jointly develop solutions that, on the one hand, fulfil their transport and utility tasks, and, on the other hand, reduce the negative impact on the natural environment.

“Strong Light Master semi-trailers are used by us in sets with tractors powered by LNG, i.e. natural gas. This means a reduction of particulate emissions by up to 99 per cent. In combination with a lighter trailer, we are dealing with a well-thought-out ecological set that allows customers to have a real impact on reducing pollution emitted into the atmosphere during the transport of their goods,” he said.

Wielton’s Strong Light Master is a unique design in the semi-trailer market that allows operators to reduce the negative impact on the environment in two ways. The first is to reduce the total weight of the set, and thus reduce fuel consumption. The second is to use the reduced weight of the trailer for additional payload and thus reduce the number of journeys.

“We have developed and manufactured a semi-trailer which on the one hand is characterised by a reduced weight and on the other hand has a durable and solid structure,” said Wielton Commercial Director, Piotr Ogrodowicz.”

“Strong Light Master is an unusual combination and a perfect example of the fact that we are not afraid of non-standard solutions and we are always open to suggestions from our clients.

“We respond to their needs with commitment, providing them with the best transport solutions for business. We are glad that we have partners in the creation and improvement of our products, such as Omega Pilzno ITiS Godawski & Godawski,” he said.

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