CIMC Vehicles Group Go Live 2020

CIMC Vehicles Group Go Live 2020
International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

CIMC Vehicles Group is hosting a global live event on Facebook and Youtube during the 5th International Commercial Vehicles Exhibition at Guangzhou, China.

Date: 20-21 November 2020

Location: Guangzhou, China

  • 20th: 5pm – 6pm, GMT+8
  • 21st: 10am – 11am, GMT+8

On YouTube and Facebook

Europe Live – November 20 2020

  • UK: 9am – 10am, GMT+0
  • Europe: 10am – 11am, GMT+1
  • Africa: 11am – 12am, GMT+2
  • Middle East: 12am – 1pm, GMT+3

Asia-Pacific Live

  • South Asia: 7am – 8am, GMT+5
  • Southeast Asia: 9am, – 10am, GMT+7
  • China: 10am – 11am, GMT+8
  • Australia: 1pm – 2pm, GMT+11
  • Latam: 9pm – 10pm, GMT-5

CIMC Vehicles GO LIVE 2020 Agenda

  • Event introduction
  • CIMC Vehicles introduction
  • Product introduction
  • Lucky draw

Join the online event and stand to win a lucky draw gift. First prize is an Amazon gift card ($100 USD) and the grand prize is a mystery gift ($300 USD).

More information.

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