Scottish cold chain carrier modernises fleet

Bute-based transport company, John Mackirdy, has taken delivery of its first double-deck trailer which is spec’d for efficiency and sustainability.

The trailer, manufactured by Gray & Adams, is fitted with a new Carrier Transicold HE 19 MT (multi-temperature) refrigeration unit.

The new 13.6-metre double deck joins John Mackirdy’s 10-strong mixed commercial vehicle fleet, which includes two standard refrigerated trailers mounted with Vector 1950 MT units and one 12-tonne rigid with a Carrier Transicold Supra 450 unit.

“All of our refrigerated vehicles are Carrier-cooled; when it comes to new trailers, we always specify the latest Vector, and they’ve never let us down,” said Managing Director, John Mackirdy. “As a business, we’re now looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and future proof our fleet; the new double deck will play a major role in this. We’ll be able to combine substantial fuel savings from the Vector with almost double the load space, meaning we make far fewer journeys.”

The new Vector HE 19 MT combines Carrier Transicold’s all-electric E-Drive technology with a new ultra-modern multi-speed engine design that can cut fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent. The unit also offers a 10 per cent saving in weight and a noise reduction of 3 dB(A) – which to the human ear equates to 50 per cent less noise. The system also delivers up to 15 per cent savings on maintenance costs.

The fully hermetic scroll compressor and economiser helps increase refrigeration capacity during pull-down by 40 per cent, while cutting the chance of refrigerant escape by 50 per cent. When plugged into the electrical grid on standby, the Vector HE 19 MT is also 19 per cent more efficient, meaning it delivers reduced diesel, maintenance and electricity bills.

“The list of benefits we get from the new Vector HE 19 MT are fantastic,” said Mackirdy. “Not only do they help us deliver on the environmental front, but they also drive down operating and running costs – which in the current climate is extremely important.”

Mackirdy has also opted for Carrier Transicold’s advanced telematics package for the first time. Using two-way communication, the system offers the ability to remotely alter set points or operation modes, as well as initiate defrosts, pre-trip checks, and clear alarms from any connected device. The new Vector HE 19 MT also features Carrier Transicold’s DataCOLD 600 temperature recorder, which provides easy access to a wealth of information on unit performance.

The new unit is also covered by everCOLD, Carrier Transicold’s fixed cost, full-service maintenance package that includes annual temperature control testing and certification, full regulatory checks and access to Carrier Transicold’s oneCALL 24/7 incident management service.

Expected to stay in operation for 10 years, the new trailer will transport goods for a variety of customers. However, it will primarily be used for the distribution of food products from a local producer into mainland Scotland.

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