Weight saving solution with JOST optima

Ideal for long-distance transport applications, JOST OPTIMA is a new weight-optimised landing gear designed for greater efficiency.

When travelling across Europe, nearly all trailers on the road are equipped with telescopic landing gears from JOST.

This is no surprise, as JOST’s decades-long experience in the construction of landing gears means that they know exactly what their customers need. The landing gears from JOST are not only extraordinarily robust and particularly diverse but are also proven in daily use millions of times over.

With the landing gears’ flexible and modular design it is easy to adapt to all important customer requirements, from standard to specialised applications. The Modul landing gears all feature the patented drive, which is optimally protected due to its internal design, requires no maintenance and offers many other advantages during operation.

The large lift achieved by a single turn of the crank with a low cranking force makes operation easy and convenient. Switching between high and low gear is quick, easy and safe. The modular design also gives a variety of versions with different mounting and bolting heights, cranks, connection shaft lengths, and foot types.

All Modul landing gears are protected against environmental influences and falling rocks by a high-quality powder coating. OPTIMA is the ideal solution for long-distance transport applications. It is based on the highly reliable Modul components and offers a higher payload and thus higher trailer efficiency thanks to its low weight.

It is available in all three plate positions and four different mounting heights and con-forms with the market-standard mounting dimensions.

JOST is a leading global producer and supplier of safety-critical systems for the commercial vehicle industry. Under the umbrella brand JOST, the comprehensive range of products is divided into systems for the road and agriculture. The JOST brand includes fifth wheel couplings, landing gears, ball bearing turntables, kingpins and container locks as well as components for alternating systems. Trailer axles and truck axles are also sold under the JOST brand. The core products of the traditional brand ROCKINGER are towing hitches, drawbar eyes and drawbars for both transporters and trucks.

TRIDEC offers steering systems and axle suspensions for trailers.

Edbro is the specialist in the field of vehicle-mounted hydraulic systems. Its range includes front and underfloor dump trucks and trailers and extension cylinders, as well as customer-specific hydraulic construction kits. ROCKINGER products are also for use in the agricultural industry. The new brand Quicke has been part of the JOST World since February 2020 and specialises in agricultural front loaders and implements. JOST currently employs more than 3,500 staff across the world and has sales and production facilities in more than 20 countries on all five continents. The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 20 July 2017.

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