CIEM commits to chassis production

US OEM, CIE Manufacturing (CIEM), has completed production of its first chassis series at its new North American chassis production plant.

These chassis were produced in their newly expanded CIE Manufacturing Industrial Complex in Emporia, Virginia, and signal the official start to their North American production of intermodal container chassis.

CIEM began renovation of their facilities on the West Coast and East Coast in early 2020 creating full production capabilities and implementing extensive employee training.

The North American Pioneer Chassis line produced in these facilities will be offered with a 5-year, 7-year, or 10-year warranty to meet the specific needs of each customer.

“The undertaking of a project of this magnitude could only be accomplished through tremendous teamwork,” said CIEM Executive Vice President, Trevor Ash.

“What drove us forward was our unwavering promise to our customers that we are here to support you whatever your needs may be,” he said.

Beginning with 40’ and 40/45’ models exclusively, CIE Manufacturing will soon begin expanding production to other models with the full expectation that North American demand for any model of intermodal chassis can be met from production in either location.

“The Emporia facility has evolved into a magnificent complex for chassis manufacturing,” said CIEM Manufacturing President and CEO, Frank Sonzala.

“Our plans for this entire manufacturing complex are quite extensive and surely will allow our brand to service the east coast north and south efficiently and effectively for many years to come.

“Our West Coast newly expanded manufacturing factory starts in November 2020. The now critical shortage of chassis on the west coast, will soon have Pioneer Chassis to ease the situation.”

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