Maszoński Logistic tests aerodynamic Wielton trailer

Wielton presents its latest fuel-efficient curtainsider.

Polish fleet, Maszoński Logistic, is testing a new Curtain Master trailer from Wielton which is fitted with an aerodynamic system.

In response to the market’s demand for more fuel efficient road transport equipment, Wielton has optimised its Curtain Master curtainsider. This trailer is characterised by its durability and lighter weight build, enhanced by additional side and rear covers that form the OptiFlow aerodynamic system which is reported to reduce fuel consumption by approximately two litres / 100km.

Maszoński Logistic, which has provided the European Union with transport and logistics services for 24 years, is testing this innovative trailer design.

Wielton has been cooperating with Maszoński Logistic for 13 years, delivering several dozen spatial sets and trailers during this period. However, this time cooperation has a different dimension. By accepting a Curtain Master semi-trailer equipped with an aerodynamic package for testing, the carrier aims to provide access to environmentally friendly vehicles for customers who pay special attention to reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and the quality of the environment.

“We are glad that we have business partners who have a similar approach to environmental protection, said Maszoński Logistic Managing Director, Radosław Lemieszek.

“We also appreciate the wide range of Wielton products, adapted to changing trends and various transport tasks.

“Thanks to this, we have access to vehicles that simultaneously fulfill their transport task and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

“As a conscious carrier, it is of great importance for us to reduce the pollution emitted into the atmosphere during our daily work, and at the same time to efficiently carry out transport tasks using proven Wielton products.”

In the Curtain Master semi-trailer, Wielton focused on durability, tightness and functionality of use. The modern structure of the frame and the superstructure ensure high durability of the vehicle, confirmed by numerous tests carried out at the station for full truckload testing of semi-trailers in the Research and Development Department of Wielton. At the same time, the low curb weight of the semi-trailer was maintained, which significantly reduced the costs of its operation on long distances. The production uses modern technology of hybrid welding, which allows obtaining solid and precise joints, minimising the risk of deformation, and thus extending the life cycle of the trailer without the need for repairs. The undercarriage has been protected against corrosion using the catalytic painting technique, which guarantees optimal coating thickness, higher quality and even longer life of the trailer.

“Our customers expect durable and modern products that are both easy to use and safe,” said Wielton Commercial Director, Piotr Ogrodowicz.

“Low-emission efficiency and reduction of their carbon footprint are also increasingly important to them.

“We are a manufacturer that observes trends in transport and responds to the voices coming from the market.

“For this reason, we have equipped our flagship product Curtain Master with the proven aerodynamic package. Our goal is to respond to the needs of customers, providing them with the best transport solutions for business and guaranteeing reduction of fuel consumption, which translates into specific savings.”

The reduction of air resistance, according to Wielton, was achieved by additional side wings of the chassis and wings mounted on the rear panel or tail end of the trailer. The Curtain Master aerodynamic package is completed by tyres with reduced rolling resistance.

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