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Dubai-based trailer manufacturer, GORICA, draws on its European supplier connections to produce world-renowned heavy duty tippers and specialised equipment.

Dubai-based trailer manufacturer, GORICA, draws on its European supplier connections to produce world-renowned heavy duty tippers and specialised equipment.

The construction industry in the Middle East, predominantly in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, has surpassed its peak due to transformation of the economy moving from basic to transition and post-transition economy. GORICA Group General Manager Sales & Marketing, Domen Bockor, said that while major infrastructure projects that the region has seen in the past decade or so have been completed, there are only a few mega projects to be finished like the GCC railway system.

“Major investments in the construction industry are focused on the development of leisure hubs like hotels, resorts, parks,” he said. “Nevertheless, we have engaged as a prime supplier in many of them from EXPO 2020 in Dubai to Duqm Port in Oman and so on. We are currently gearing up for supply to GCC railway contractors that are engaging in infrastructure work for the new railway system.”

Last year, GORICA detailed its iconic slanting rear design on the tippers it produces for heavy duty applications.

“Our innovation in tipping semi-trailers and bodies is two-fold: one triggered by road regulation changes like in Oman where we’ve developed a lightweight (with wear resistant specialised steel) but durable tipping semi-trailer of 32-36 cubic metres,” Bockor said. “On the other hand, we are investing our time and R&D into special application tippers for the food distribution industry like transportation of grain where the main aim is minimum possible kerb weight and special materials suitable for the application. Usually such tipping semi-trailers will be used by more advanced and developed consumers understanding the technical advantages.”

Non-uniform road regulations throughout the Middle East make it difficult to standardise trailer designs. For GORICA, most of the purchase orders it receives from its clients need to be tailored for specific applications.

“Partially we can confirm that most orders are made to custom requirement of the client, however the main driver in this is road regulations and within these parameters we also manufacture bespoke tipping semi-trailers,” Bockor said. “We can say that throughout the years GORICA design has become the most copied one by other smaller and medium size body builders and so-called market standard in terms of shape, specifications and application. Therefore, in its base the tippers are standard but with smaller adjustments to client specific need and application. One of our core advantages is the resale value of our product on the market that helps us develop the undeveloped markets in our broader region which as a consequence is followed up by new products.”

GORICA has established a solid reputation for supplying the market standard for tippers used for both rock and quarry applications as well as specialty freight tasks.

“The main advantages to the client are definitely in the feasibility of purchase where the client gets fit to application product, quality and best after sales service,” Bockor said. “All this results in increased revenues/margins for our clients along with the highest market resale value of GORICA tippers which makes a natural choice of purchase despite the fact price wise our product is on the higher end.”

The Dubai-based manufacturer has recently seen a spike in sales for a variety of the trailers it designs and produces.

“GORICA superstructures including but not limited to semi-trailers are popular and present in almost all the segments from general cargo logistics, food distribution, fuel distribution to waste management (like waste transfer trailers), oil and gas segment and more in perishable goods transportation,” Bockor said. “Over the past year, there was an emphasis on waste management in the region, and as a result our municipality product range saw a spike in popularity. This is supported by what was mentioned earlier which is the transformation of economy from basic to post transitional in the region. We’ve been placing a lot of emphasis on R&D in our new products from wheat bulkers, grain hoppers to milk tankers and refrigerated semi-trailers. Our clients increasingly require better efficiency, and this has become a key decisive factor for our constant development of new, upgraded products like for example refrigerated semi-trailers for automatic/robotic loading.”

GORICA continues to work closely with European axle and hydraulic suppliers to supply premium products.

“Our core base of suppliers has been based out of Europe since our early days,” Bockor said. “We work with global brands and market leaders in axles, hydraulics, brakes – many of which are from Europe. We value loyalty when it comes to our clients, and as a result return the loyalty to our core supplier base as with their help our product has become a leading industry standard in our region.”

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Backed by innovative design and bolstered by an array of special features, the market resale value of GORICA’s tippers is exceptionally high according to GORICA Group General Manager Sales & Marketing, Domen Bockor.

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