Manac achieves production milestone

Canadian OEM, Manac, has produced its 200,000th trailer.

Canadian OEM, Manac, has produced its 200,000th trailer.

Manac President and CEO, Charles Dutil, told Global Trailer that completing the 200,00th unit is a nice milestone for the team.

“You need to keep in mind that Manac first started in a barn behind my parent’s house,” he said. “There was no business plan, no outside investors and not much planning of what the next 50 years would bring.”

Marcel Dutil founded Manac in 1966.

Today, Manac is a leading North American manufacturer of specialty trailers that supplies industry with a variety of vans, dump and belt trailers, low beds, grain hoppers, chip and logging trailers, heavy duty chassis and flatbeds.

Manac has manufacturing facilities in Saint Georges and Laurer-Station, Penticton and Oran.

When asked about how Manac’s manufacturing processes have changed over the years, Charles Dutil said “you can’t even compare the first few years with today’s manufacturing process – back then, you could start with a few good welders and one guy willing to paint”.

The 200,000th unit is a tri-axle log trailer.

“Our main plant being a short 25 miles from the northern US border, logging operations in this area have been a key part of our growth since the beginning,” said Charles Dutil. “To have our 200,000th unit operate in the same area is a good coincidence.”

The milestone trailer was sold to US dealer, Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel.

“The relationship with Hale is a reflection of our other successful business relations,” said Charles Dutil. “Respectful with a view on our mutual long term success.”

Manac has 70 dealers in its network, mainly across the US and Western Canada.

Charles Dutil has teased a “very interesting reefer coming out in 2021”. He added: “It won’t take us another 54 years to build the next 200,000 units!”.

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