Strength in geographical diversification

The Wielton Group consistently pursues an international development strategy based on a unique multibrand business model focused on building global reach through strong local brands. In recent years it has acquired experienced manufacturers from France, Italy, Germany and the UK. Now, it is ready to continue its international expansion and implement further product novelties.

The last five years have been a period of extremely dynamic growth for the Wielton Group. The strategy based on geographical diversification and the potential of the acquired brands ensures that the Group maintains a strong position among the top ten manufacturers in the world. Such a strong position was possible due to the renowned brands that have successively joined and strengthened the Group’s position.

These brands have been present on local markets for several decades. During this time, they have developed a strong portfolio consisting of specialised vehicles and products tailored to the needs of customers and the market. As a result, the companies have gained dedicated and loyal customers who are open to continuous cooperation and joint work on improving vehicles.

“With the acquisition of new companies, the Wielton Group is implementing a unique multibrand business model based on building global reach through strong local brands,” said Paweł Szataniak, President of the Management Board, Chairman of the Wielton Group. “French Fruehauf, British Lawrence David, German Langendorf and Italian Viberti are recognised brands in their countries. Our vision for further development of the Group is based on strengthening the synergies of the acquired companies and their further development. In the long term, we do not rule out the possibility of new companies joining the group and thus entering new markets and introducing more specialist vehicles into the portfolio.”

The strength of Wielton Group is its products

The foreign acquisitions conducted by the Wielton Group not only strengthened its position in Europe and worldwide, but also complemented its portfolio with new and unique products, according to Mariusz Golec, I Vice President of the Management Board, CEO of the Wielton Group.

“This provided customers with access to a wide range of products and made the Group’s offering even more diverse and competitive in European markets,” he said. “The Wielton Group is growing dynamically, expanding its range with new brands and new products. We have a wide and diverse product offer based on proven solutions, tailored to the needs of the market, but also on unique and highly specialised vehicles. We comprehensively respond to the voices coming from individual countries and the needs of our customers. We focus on close cooperation with transport companies and joint development of the best, innovative solutions. As a result, we constantly improve our products. The values that remain unchanged for us are high quality and safety of vehicles. Our mission is to create and deliver the best transport solutions for business.”

The Group has recently introduced many new solutions. It continuously develops tipper semi-trailers, equipping them with solutions to facilitate transport and unloading, i.e. a Teflon insert, adaptation to the installation of compressors for feed blowing. Low weight combined with a robust construction and high-quality workmanship are in the focus of customers, especially in the construction, municipal and agricultural sectors. In response to their needs, the Wielton Group has also added mass-optimised tipper semi-trailers (Super Light) to its product portfolio. It has also implemented additional frame reinforcements in these products, which increase the stability of the vehicle during unloading in difficult conditions.

The development of the Last Mile Delivery product line is also very important in response to the dynamically growing popularity of online shopping and the demand for vehicles on the part of courier companies. The Group is executing a contract for the delivery of specialised products for one of the largest online shops in the world, as well as orders for large customers from the logistics sector and a large retail chain in the UK. In response to this trend, the family of box van trailers has been supplemented with a new two-axle Dry Master model dedicated to courier services. The vehicle has a robust construction and a wide range of additional equipment, which allows the semi-trailer to be adapted to different transport tasks and user needs. Thanks to this, it is currently fulfilling orders obtained from international logistics and courier companies.

The Wielton Group implements a number of solutions that directly benefit its customers. One of the most recent examples is pillar-less Curtainsider, which allow for more efficient loading and faster transport.

Also, the Wielton Group is constantly working on new products and implementing further solutions directly with its customers, such as the introduction of an innovative forklift docking system designed for Europe’s leading window and door manufacturer. It also responds to the trend of reducing external costs, including congestion, fuel cost reduction and decarbonisation. For this purpose, it has added the Strong Light Master model to its offer of products with a reduced curb weight, allowing to reduce fuel consumption and at the same time a durable and solid construction. This semi-trailer is up to 700kg lighter than a standard version and is part of, among other, the ecological combination of an international logistics and transport company.

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, which has a significant impact on manufacturers involved in the transport industry, the Wielton Group focuses on the diversification of markets and products. However, returning the transport industry to its pre-pandemic state will be a long-term process. At the end of this year, some kind of stabilisation is expected, which, however, is not synonymous with the possibility of fully recouping losses. In addition, the situation in the following months will still depend on the eradication or further development of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Wielton Group focuses on further increasing geographical diversification as well as increasing efficiency by deepening synergies between the Group’s individual companies. For years, the Group’s products have met the requirements of customers in various industries around the world, making the company a reliable partner in international business. The high quality of materials, a wide, diversified offer and extensive personalisation of products enable the Group to reach a wide range of customers with the best transport solutions.

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