Top 35 Global OEM Ranking List for 2020

The global community shares a common threat to its economic viability and the health of its citizens, Covid-19. The pandemic has seen governments and businesses respond with an extraordinary range of measures including short-term facility closures, the enforcement of social distancing, sanitising hands and surfaces as well as the requirement to wear masks and face shields when social distancing cannot be properly maintained.

Coronavirus is arguably among the top disruptors for trailer manufacturing as well as manufacturing in general. The health threat is ongoing, and the end is not yet in sight, but with every challenge comes an opportunity and this has been the prevailing mindset of the world’s leading trailer builders making the best of a somewhat grim situation.

Now more than ever, during these unprecedented times, transport and logistics companies are turning to OEMs for new equipment to satisfy everything from contract work to essential services – the critical supply lines that keep food, pharmaceuticals, materials and all supplies to where they are needed most. Tax asset write-off incentives and stimulus packages to support ambitious infrastructure projects has also played a part in boosting net trailer order projections for the near future. These freight tasks call upon the use of container chassis or skeletal (skel) trailers, dry freight vans, road tankers, reefers, high productivity combinations, tippers and special purpose vehicles. Despite the widespread impact of Covid-19, the trailer manufacturing industry, and the road transport sector it supports, is thriving.

In light of this level of disruption worldwide, Global Trailer has yet again embarked on its annual quest to review the state of the trailer manufacturing scene purely based on productivity figures. This year’s Top Global OEM Ranking list uses a total production value as a primary metric (see breakout box for an explanation of the methodology).It should be noted there are a large number of specialist OEMs in the global mix that work towards specific goals which may be at odds with simply producing at maximum capacity.

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