Wielton maintains production continuity

Polish OEM, Wielton, has confirmed its Wieluń plant has maintained stable operation amid Covid-19.

This is due to procedures implemented and cooperation with local authorities and sanitary and epidemiological services.

Wielton has successfully limited the spread of coronavirus in its plants in Wieluń according to Wielton Managing Director and Vice President of the Management Board of Wielton, Piotr Kuś.

“With more than 1,700 employees at the site, only seven people are actively infected with Covid-19 – which accounts for 0.41 per cent of the total number of people employed in the Wieluń plant,” he said. “On the other hand, 11 employees of Wielton's plants are currently in quarantine. A positive trend is the constantly growing number of recoveries, which in total since the beginning of the pandemic already amount to 139 people.”

In the second week of August, there was an annual technical break at the Wielton plant. It coincided with the increase in the identified cases of the Company's employees infected with Covid-19 and the qualification of the Wieluń County to the so-called red zone. The interruption period was used to conduct 1,200 employee screening tests. Moreover, since the beginning of the pandemic, Wielton has conducted over 500 commercial tests among Wielton employees.

“Taking into account the relatively small percentage of infected people, after the end of the annual technical break, our plant returned to full-time operation,” said Kuś. “Thanks to this, we maintained the continuity of production. Infections and the county's classification to the red zone did not affect our supply chain. All components and materials necessary for production were and are delivered on a regular basis. Our plants in Wielton cooperate without any problems with other effectively operating entities from the Wielton Group.”

Wielton closely cooperates with local authorities, sanitary and epidemiological services and other institutions that provide assistance in the fight against the pandemic. The tests used for mass screening were financed by the Lodzkie Voivodship with the support of the County Office. The entire screening process in Wielton was carried out in cooperation with the local government authorities and Sanepid.

“From the moment the first infection was discovered in the facility in Wielton, Wielton's cooperation with the authorities and services was appropriate and very important,” said Barbara Sułkowska, Director of the County Sanitary and Epidomyological Station in Wieluń.

“The exchange of information and the transfer of data on contacts between employees necessary for an epidemiological investigation were positive.

“This allowed us to quickly take the necessary actions and decisions. Conducting screening tests on such a large scale was very important from the point of view of the safety of people working in Wielton. This prevented the infection from spreading further. At the moment, the bonfire in Wielton is put out.”

Even before the red zone was designated in the Wieluń district, Wielton reportedly introduced rigorous procedures and changes in the organisation of work. The company ensures regular disinfection of all rooms in the plants and limited direct contacts between employees. Wielton has adopted procedures to be followed when coronavirus infections are detected among its employees. A staff monitoring the situation of the Wielton plant was also appointed.

In July, the Wielton Group implemented additional frame structure reinforcement in its super light tipping trailers to increase vehicle stability when unloading during difficult conditions.

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