Ambrogio places bulk order with Kässbohrer

European logistics service provider, Ambrogio, specifies Kässbohrer for environmentally-friendly intermodal vehicles.

Ambrogio has invested in 200 Light Swap Body K.SWAU CL and 80 Light Container Chassis K.SHG L which brings the total number of Kässbohrer units over the last three years to more than 500 vehicles.

Ambrogio Group President, Livio Ambrogio, and Kässbohrer President, Çetin Nuhoğlu, have commented on their longterm partnership which started almost 30 years ago.

“With respect to equipment, we continue our investment policy, focusing on international combined transport, to comply with growing market requests for most flexible and efficient intermodal transportation service,” said Livio Ambrogio.

“To pursue our growth strategy, we are glad to cooperate once again with our long-lasting partner Kässbohrer,” he said.

Among its complete intermodal product range, Kässbohrer offers the lightest Swap Body in the market, K.SWAU CL, which provides maximum payload leading to reductions in trips and

Nuhoğlu underlined the importance of long lasting partnerships.

“At Kässbohrer we cultivate long lasting partnerships and our partnership with Ambrogio built on mutual trust is the most valuable,” he said.

“Extending beyond supplying Ambrogio with the highest quality, efficient and long lasting vehicles, both companies openly work to attain more efficient and environmentally-friendly operational solutions.

“We work together for a sustainable future.

“We vigorously continue our R&D activities in weight reduction and more capacity without
compromising from safety, performance, and vehicle life to support our industry and our
customer’s efforts in emission reductions. With our widest product range, we present the widest range of innovations. Concrete examples of our developments within our complete intermodal product range are the lightest swap body in the market K.SWAU CL, and light container chassis K.SHG L, both of which are preferred by our long-lasting partner Ambrogio.

“Ambrogio’s latest investment confirms the performance of our intermodal product range. We are looking forward to cooperating with Ambrogio for many more years.”

Kässbohrer’s Lightest Swap Body in the market K.SWAU CL has C45 transportation code and 34 euro pallet capacity. K.SWAU CL enables lower cost in operations with its robust design, allowing for stowing and freight opportunity. Furthermore, the light swap body is offered with 24 vertical stainless steel reinforcements that are integrated into the curtain which eliminates the need for side rows. Vertical reinforcements enable faster and user-friendly loading and unloading operations, which is appreciated a lot by the field operators.

Kässbohrer’s Light Container Chassis K.SHG L is engineered to handle both containers and swap bodies with C45 transportation code and the innovative design enables safe and easy loading of containers with only four locks.

Kässbohrer’s after-sales services network has 581 services in Europe and Russia. The OEM also offers non-stop roadside assistance through Kässbohrer Hotline 24/7 available in 27 countries and 23 languages.

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