FFB Feldbinder commits to professional development

Two trainees in Wittenberg recently completed their training with excellent results according to German tanker specialist, FFB Feldbinder.

David Borschke received an overall grade of one and achieved 100 per cent in the practical test.

“I particularly like the good structure in the apprenticeship, in which all departments in the company are run through with a training plan and there were always permanent contact persons,” said Borschke.

The exam preparation courses in the written and practical areas were reportedly very useful for Borschke in achieving positive results for his exams. He also made extensive use of the welding training at FFB Feldbinder.

“During his time as an apprentice he successfully passed five welding exams,” FFB Feldbinder said in a statement. “The exams passed and the intensive training at the workplace are important prerequisites for Borschke for a good start in professional life.

Franziska Schulz also performed well for the duration of his training according to the OEM.

Schulz and Borschke both started their apprenticeship as construction mechanics at the Lutherstadt Wittenberg facility in 2017 and finished their training early.

“It was very pleasant work,” said Jürgen Reichel, trainer at the BBZ Elbe and member of the IHK examination committee. “If all trainees were so motivated, I would have a quiet life.”

Earlier this month, a total of 19 trainees commenced training. In Winsen (Luhe), 12 of these trainees started apprenticeships in bodywork and vehicle construction mechanics, warehouse logistics specialists and industrial clerks.

At the Lutherstadt Wittenberg site, seven new apprentices joined the FFB Feldbinder team, the majority of them are budding construction mechanics.

“As one of the largest European commercial vehicle manufacturers, we attach great importance to promoting young talent,” said FFB Feldbinder. “Our excellent training quality was recently officially confirmed by the 'Top Training' seal of the IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg and the 'Top Training Company' seal of the IHK Halle-Dessau. Around 70 trainees are currently employed in six different technical and commercial apprenticeships.”

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