Glowing body technology

Multiled III is the latest rear lamp by the light-makers Aspöck Systems for trucks and trailers. As its appearance already indicates, it represents the equivalent to the Ecoled II rear lamp – but only due to its compact format. It features the same ‘Glowing Body Technology’ as the larger version and stands up equally well to scrutiny.

Introducing the Multiled III
Equipped with the latest light technology, the Multiled III is the space-saving version in comparison to the Ecoled II. In particular for car carriers and pick-up trucks, this small rear lamp represents the perfect combination of outstanding lighting performance and the same high safety factor as the larger format.

The Multiled III also emulates the larger model in its flexibility: the lens is replaceable. The homogeneous light pattern, the dynamic indicator with sequential light and the possibility for application within a voltage range from 12 to 24 volts are the same in both products, as is their certification according to ISO pulse 13207-1.

Both rear lamps fulfil the stringent demands of the commercial vehicle sector and were designed with adaptability in mind.

The amount of available surface space on the truck or trailer will determine whether the small version of the Multiled III or the larger Ecoled II rear lamp is appropriate for fitment.

Standing still is not part of the Aspöck company philosophy
Aspöck Systems has developed, produced and tested light-related solutions for over 40 years. Focusing on its core competence ‘intelligent lighting and system solutions’, the light-makers serve many segments within the vehicle industry. The company produces durable, robust lighting solutions with great consistency and efficiency for the truck and trailer sector. Its tailored complete solutions convince customers and have secured the company market leadership in this field.

In close collaboration with its customers, Aspöck develops individual lighting solutions in line with state-of-the-art technology for special vehicles of all kinds. LED lighting technology is an essential component for safe and accurate work with agricultural and construction machinery. Wherever necessary, Aspöck turns the night into day – the latest generation of lighting technology ensures maximum reliability even when utilised intensively. International agricultural machine manufacturers place their trust in this consistency as well.

Expanding the portfolio
Over the past years, Aspöck has also focused increasingly on automotive applications. Path-breaking developments and consistent quality have led to the lighting professionals making a name for themselves across the entire vehicle sector. Values such as safety, convenience and design play a major role in lighting. However, this is only possible in combination with economic viability and environmental compatibility.

The light-makers like to be one step ahead of the rest: future lighting systems integrate sensors – for example, monitoring through camera function – and communicate via data bus. The company’s objective is to expand the product portfolio in the core segment.

Expansion of sales locations
Today, Aspöck Systems is a successful business operating on a global basis. The Aspöck Group has several strategic sites throughout Europe, South America, North- and South Africa as well as Asia. Therefore, it has a well-organised sales and service network which guarantees the best customer service possible. Its branches are arranged according to production sites and sales locations while its strategic hub is still in Upper Austria. A new office and administration building was opened there last year.

In addition to the acknowledged Aspöck product quality, the company’s objective is also to continuously guarantee the quality of service at all subsidiaries. The sales location facilities in Poland, founded in 2012, was expanded in spring this year. The sales site Aspöck Norden based in Sweden was opened in 2005 and is currently being expanded at the same location so new niche markets can be opened up. This simultaneously permits even greater flexibility and response capacities at the location.

About Aspöck
Aspöck Systems is Europe’s leading manufacturer of pre-fabricated lighting systems for towed vehicles of all types.

Fast Facts

  • Sales volume of €180 million – Fiscal Year 2018/19
  • Export quota 93 per cent
  • Eight sales subsidiaries, four production locations
  • 1,550 employees worldwide

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