DHL Freight creates sustainable LTL service

German logistics company, DHL Freight, has improved its premium Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) product.

The service (Eurapid) is now reported to cover 95 per cent of all business addresses within 25 countries in Europe. In addition to an improved same-day pick-up and Pre-12 delivery service, an additional Pre-10 delivery option is now also available in defined zip-code areas.

Furthermore, all services booked via Eurapid are now completely climate neutral. The carbon emissions caused by Eurapid shipments are fully offset in recognised climate protection projects, providing customers certified climate neutralisation of their shipment without extra costs.

“With continued growth in global trade there is a growing need for environmentally friendly solutions,” said DHL Freight CEO, Uwe Brinks.

“To remain ahead of our competitors, protecting the environment and acting sustainably is key along the entire supply chain. DHL Freight Eurapid provides our customers a green state-of-the-art premium LTL service for their road freight shipments.

“However, the new features are just another proof for our engagement to offer the highest possible level of quality, speed and reliability within our services while improving our ecological footprint. In line with our 'Mission 2050 – Zero Emissions', we are already able to fully offset emissions and offer certified climate neutralisation of all shipments via Eurapid.”

The DHL Freight Eurapid service is built on the back of the Freight EuroConnect network. Operating more than 2,000 daily international line hauls across Europe, the network stands for a seamless, cost efficient door-to-door service.

Through the update of Eurapid, DHL Freight can reportedly offer their customers fully climate neutral shipping. The green option is automatically included in all services at no extra cost. The amount of CO2 emissions produced during the handling and transport of a shipment, including upstream emissions from energy provision, is calculated using a verified measurement process. To offset these emissions, carbon credits are bought from recognised climate protection projects that reduce the amount of CO2 emission in the atmosphere.

With this initiative, DHL Freight wants to contribute to a certified climate neutralisation along the customer's supply chain. The certification is based on the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) criteria and meets CDM standards and/or carry the 'The Gold Standard' or 'Voluntary Carbon Standard' in combination with 'The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Project Design Standards'. The supported projects can be categorised in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and reforestation/afforestation and are chosen in close collaboration with reliable partners such as Climate Partner and Climate Bridge.

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