Wielton focuses on tipper safety

The Wielton Group has implemented additional frame structure reinforcement in its super light tipping trailers to increase vehicle stability when unloading during difficult conditions.

The Polish OEM supplies a variety of SL tippers – featuring low empty weight, solid structure, high quality workmanship – which are suited for the construction, municipal and agricultural sectors.

Wielton has added to its mass-optimised self-unloading trailer portfolio with five types of frames (SL, SL HD, GS, M3, M1), four of which are available to the domestic market.

“At Wielton, we constantly monitor trends in the industry and we are open to the needs of our clients,” Paweł Madziara, Head of Product Management Wielton SA. “We are a partner who understands the transport business, is able to listen and provides the best solutions, tailored to customer requirements. The recently observed trend by us is customer orientation to increase the efficiency of the tonne-kilometre. For this reason, we are improving our range of super light tippers, which are mainly used in the construction sector. Low empty weight while maintaining a durable structure and comfort of use characterise our products, which are very popular. Our SL tipping trailers are used in particular in difficult conditions.”   

In addition to frame structure reinforcement in its super light tippers, Wielton has introduced a cylinder with a four-point ShortCover attachment as standard for its longest tippers. The stability of the box in relation to the frame was therefore increased, with a slight increase in weight. The applied solutions, according to the OEM, improve the stability of the tippers when in operation and also improve safety for the driver.

These safety benefits have been validated via research in the product development process which included numerical analyses using the Finite Element Method (FEM) and analogous static stability tests on a test stand with a ramp. The tests, Wielton said, were carried out in compliance with stringent requirements set by the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) in the highest category for the stability of self-dumping trucks.

The reports from the analyses performed confirm compliance with IRTE requirements for the vehicle side tilt angle of seven degrees which reportedly proves to be the highest for vehicle stability. The results also confirmed the improvement of stability and reliability on structure by ~10 per cent depending on the adopted evaluation criteria.

“The safety and comfort of using our products are our priority,” said Wielton Product Manager, Łukasz Trzeciakiewicz.

“For this reason, we are constantly improving our vehicles.

“There are many solutions on the market to improve the stability of super light tipping trailers.

“In Wielton brand products, we focused on proven solutions and, as a result, we increased the resistance to longitudinal torsion of the frame during lateral tilt. Unloading over rough terrain is one of the most dangerous manoeuvres when working with tippers. We make every effort to minimise the risk of tipping. What is more, the introduced changes and their impact on the improvement of safety are thoroughly examined and analysed to make sure that we have achieved the desired results.”

In other news, Wielton has announced a new management and supervision structure across its group.

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