SAF-Holland SE announces corporate development

Equipment specialist, SAF-Holland SE, has confirmed the outcome of a recent commercial register with the local court of Aschaffenburg.

SAF-Holland has completed the transfer of its registered office from Luxembourg to Bessenbach.

As a result, the revised version of the articles of association passed by resolution of the extraordinary general meeting of 20 May 2020 also come into force. According to the revised version of the articles of association, the organisational structure of the Company is based on the dualistic board system comprising the Management Board as the management body and the Supervisory Board as the supervisory body, along with the Annual General Meeting. In addition, due to the revised version of the articles of association, the shares of SAF-Holland SE were converted from nominal value shares to no-par value shares.

The Management Board of SAF-Holland SE will initially consist of Alexander Geis (Chairman of the Management Board and provisional CFO) and Dr André Philipp (Member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer). Inka Koljonen will take over the position of the Chief Financial Officer on 1 September 2020.

The Supervisory Board of SAF-Holland SE comprises the former members of the Board of Directors, Ingrid Jägering, Dr Martin Kleinschmitt, Martina Merz and Carsten Reinhardt. The Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Webasto SE, Matthias Arleth, has been appointed to the Supervisory Board as a new appointee. The members of the Supervisory Board are elected for four years.

“By transferring our registered office to Germany we have reached another important milestone in the corporate development of SAF-Holland SE,” said SAF-Holland Chair of the Board, Alexander Geis. “Thereafter we will concentrate on simplifying the legal structure of the Group.”

As a result of the resolved capital increase from Company funds, the company's share capital now amounts to €45,394,302.00 and is divided into 45,394,302 no-par value shares. The articles of association authorise the Management Board, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, to increase the share capital by a total of up to 50 per cent until May 2025. New shares must generally be offered to the shareholders of the Company for subscription. However, the Management Board is under certain circumstances authorised, with the approval from the Supervisory Board, to exclude the subscription rights of the shareholders.

The shares of SAF-Holland SE will continue to be traded solely on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. They will be listed under the ISIN DE000SAFH001 and WKN SAFH00. The first threshold triggering a mandatory notification of voting rights has been set at 3.0 per cent for the future.

In recent news, SAF-Holland bolstered its quality assurance with latest appointment.

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