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As a result of its engineering excellence, Kässbohrer provides a complete construction product range that includes extendable and non-extendable hydraulic low beds and low loaders for heavy duty transportation as well as extendable, non-extendable, mega and maxima heavy duty platforms.

To deliver low-bed segment equipment that meets and exceeds fleet expectations, the OEM has doubled down on its engineering excellence, expanding the existing portfolio with more options. Specifically, the trailer manufacturer has focused on extension, progressive steering, hydraulic suspension, metallisation, main dimensions such as platform length, width and height as well as custom solutions to better accommodate the needs of customers operating in more than 55 countries throughout Europe and Russia.

Other prominent low loader features include versatile ramp options and advanced load security for operational safety and efficiency.

“Preferred by heavy and flat good transportation, non-extendable heavy duty platform semi-trailer K.SPS H is engineered to offer the highest payload capacity while the robust box profile central chassis structure with metallisation enhances the lifelong performance of the semi-trailer,” Kässbohrer said. “K.SPS H’s chassis is made of high quality and high strength S700 MC steel, in compliance with Standard ISO 1726. K.SPS H is equipped with omega profile reinforced 30mm hardwood floor and drop-patterned steel on top of the wheels.”

Kässbohrer’s non-extendable mega heavy duty platform semi-trailer with three or four axles – K.SPS HM – offers transport solutions for heavy, flat and tall goods due to its rigid chassis. Maximum operational flexibility, according to the OEM, is ensured with variable storage options and load securing features such as 13.4-tonne capacity lashing rings, EUMOS-40511 and Code XL certificate.

Meanwhile, Kässbohrer’s extendable heavy duty platform semi-trailers (three- or four-axle options) K.SPA X and K.SPA M provides robust and safe transport solutions for heavy and flat goods.

“Adaptable to standard and mega trucks, the K.SPA series features the robust box profile central chassis structure and metallisation coating technology for maximum durability,” Kässbohrer said. “The K.SPA series offers versatility in load fixing of different widths with lateral rowing pillar pockets as well as various container sizes. Highest load bearing capacity lashing rings are first in the market with its 13.4-tonne capacity. Code XL certified front panel and EUMOS-40511 certified pillar pockets ensure all loads are secured and transferred to the highest available security standards.”

Kässbohrer’s non extendable, hydraulic-steered low bed series with three or four axles, K.SLH S, takes advantage of exceptional manoeuvrability even on the narrowest of roads in rural areas. It also features a strong, flat chassis with a low platform height of 875mm. The air suspension provides a technical axle load of 12 tonnes.

The bulk and high load hauliers opt for the K.SLL series which is designed for heavy duty transportation. The K.SLL 2 and K.SLL 3 low loaders have been re-engineered with the most technological systems and components.

“K.SLL 3 is the lowest low loader with a ground clearance of 100mm, accommodating the maximum height on heavy haulage transport,” Kässbohrer said. “K.SLL 3 with three axles comes with a detachable gooseneck shortening the loading operations of bulky goods while enhancing operational safety with the front loading capability. With its strong chassis and robust construction, K.SLL 3 is designed for the reliable and on-time transport of heavy haulage and abnormal goods. K.SLL 3’s load capacity is 54 tonnes, while the K.SLL 2’s load capacity is 44 tonnes.”

To service the agricultural industry, Kässbohrer has low loaders with high wheels or pallets to move heavy machinery.

“K.SLL B 2 provides solutions for all kinds of agricultural machinery with its pool length of 6,600mm and kingpin capacity for up to 18 tonnes,” Kässbohrer said. “Equipped with hydraulically-steered axles, K.SLL B 2 offers maximum manoeuvrability even under the toughest working conditions and at narrow curves with increased technical axle capacity of 12-tonne and turning angle up to 42°.

The heavy duty platform semi-trailer with three and four axles, K.SPA M, is reported to be a fine example of heavy duty engineering with its extendable, strong and flat chassis, variable container positioning combinations and different load safety options such as its Code XL certified front panel which is resistant up to 22.5-tonne longitudinal loads.

“Adaptable to mega trucks, K.SPA M enhances operational flexibility with its extendable chassis of up to 6,900mm and sliding platform features,” Kässbohrer said. “Also, the metallisation coating technology provides maximum durability against corrosion and rust perforation.”

As for multifunctional and flexible freight tasks, the OEM has its three-axle extendable flex carrier, K.SOK L.

“With K.SOK L, it is possible to transport 4×2 to 6×4 trucks, tipper and construction trucks, mini and mid-buses and last, but not least, pick-ups and construction machinery thanks to its extendable chassis and various decking options,” Kässbohrer said. “K.SOK L offers multiple positioning and load safety variations with 12 units of wheel wedges with different locking positions, chassis and tail extension features, foldable front, middle and tail decking ramps, portable aluminium rear loading ramps and six units of wheel recess covers in different sections of the vehicle.

Fleet operators in the low-bed segment enjoy the benefits of Kässbohrer’s commitment to engineering excellence.

Committed to innovation
Since the introduction of its extended low bed and special vehicles product range in 2018, Kässbohrer invested in a new low bed and special vehicles factory which has the highest installed capacity across Europe in-line with the newest requirements of Industry 4.0 philosophy.
Established in 2018 and completed in June 2019, Kässbohrer’s state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to produce 2,500 vehicles per year (in double shifts). The factory is built on a total area of 60,000-square-metres and all manufacturing processes are completed in a single hall. The low bed factory operates according to Industry 4.0 principles with RFID latching crane systems, barcode positioning technology, robot-assisted chassis welding, and painting, as well as automatic surface blasting and metallisation, carried out in the integrated coating and paint shop facilities. The OEM has also established a roll test centre which is an essential test in the final stages of production.

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