Benalu Group delivers its first connected tipper

French fleet, B2T Transport, has taken delivery of an 'EASYSECURITY' connected tipper from Benalu Group to improve vehicle operator safety.

On 26 May, B2T Transport Manager, Christophe Bonnefoy, and ALS-Remorques Manager, Dider Lagouy, visited Benalu Group's facility and met with President Arnaud de Ponnat and Commercial Director France, Thierry Camus.

The day was devoted to the detailed implementation of the solution with a demonstration of the various alerts allowing drivers to work safely then an explanation of the alarm viewing capabilities on tablet, onboard computer or smartphone and detailed reports by the operator.

“B2T transport has always been concerned with ensuring the safety of their drivers and did not hesitate for a second when they learned that this solution was offered by the Benalu Group,” said Bonnefoy.

This solution, according to Benalu Group, enables the tipper operator to receive alerts via onboard computer or mobile phone as well as view the payload in real-time and check the condition of the vehicle while leaving a site for example.

“We know the risks faced by our customers, since they drive vehicles that often produce several tens of tonnes of product in a few seconds,” said de Ponnat. 

“We offer them an ergonomic and user-friendly tool which considerably improves their security,” he said. “Benalu is pleased that on the initiative of Didier Lagouy and his company ALS-Remorques, this first vehicle will be delivered to the company of Mr Bonnefoy, a loyal customer for many years.”

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