Swiss Post and Hugelshofer rely on Van Eck

Dutch trailer manufacturer, Van Eck, has supported Swiss Post for a number of years.

Hugelshofer, a transport company that supports Swiss Post, has recently taken delivery of a new 'Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer' from Dutch OEM, Van Eck.

In total, Hugelshofer has a fleet of 170 vehicles and 300 employees. The Logistics division if the business carries out work for the Swiss postal company.

“The Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer has more than proven itself in our work”, said Hugelshofer Fleet Manager, Erwin Gloor. “We have been driving for the postal company for at least 20 years. We have been working with Van Eck since 2005. They developed the double-deck trailer with us. The trailers drive short distances and are always heavily loaded.”

The double-deck trailers are reported to be used intensively.

“These trailers are loaded and unloaded up to eight times a day every day.” said Gloor.

“This entails the necessary wear and tear.

“Van Eck took up the challenge and made sure we got the right trailer available, improving it where necessary,” he said.

The use of a double deck trailer was obvious for Hugelshofer from the outset.

“By working with a double-deck trailer, we reduce the number of trips and save up to thirty percent CO2 emissions,” said Gloor.

“The condition for this is that you have to have a suitable deployment area in which these trailers can be used to their full advantage. That's certainly the case with us,” he said.

Hugelshofer deploys these trailers in places that are difficult to reach.

“The space at many customers is extremely limited, which is why the tour is often millimetres for our drivers,” said Gloor. “It requires our drivers to know exactly what they can and can't do and not get nervous right away. It goes without saying that drivers who want to drive a double-deck trailer have to go through an induction program.”

Hugelshofer maintains the trailers in-house, but the workshop is managed by a specialist company and is therefore officially not owned by Hugelshofer

“This guarantees professional maintenance,” said Gloor. “Every three months, the trailers are expected in the workshop for an overall inspection.”

Van Eck Trailers is a household name in the Dutch trailer manufacturing sector.

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