TTAS invests in Kässbohrer reefers

Dutch trucking company, Teunissen Transport and Auto Service (TTAS), has expanded its fleet with three Kässbohrer refrigerated trailers.

TTAS founding Director, Wilfried Teunissen, told Kässbohrer that the business operates internationally however these particular reefers will travel within the Netherlands.

TTAS was founded in 2002 and Teunissen was able to experience steady growth of his company from the outset.

“It started with trucking, but soon our customers asked for total logistics services,” he said.

TTAS currently has a 2,500-square metre storage facility, a fleet of 34 trailers and 22 towing units and often operates throughout the Benelux and the north of France.

“In principle, now that things are clearly not going as well, we just keep on driving, because we have many customers in the food sector,” said Teunissen. “And a crucial sector, where companies like ours must be counted on.”

TTAS specifies Kässbohrer for their reliability.

“That is why we have been a customer of Kässbohrer for about seven years,” said Teunissen. “The curtainsider and box trailers that we like from this company are excellent. So, when our customers asked for conditioned transport, we did not hesitate and let Kässbohrer be the first to make an offer.”

Teunissen decided to purchase three Kässbohrer K.SRI reefer vehicles equipped with data logging so that customers can always verify the quality of the load.

The vehicle, according to the OEM, is offered with 1st axle lifting. The axles are equipped with disc brakes and the latest Electronic Braking System (EBS) electronics.

The chassis of the K.SRI vehicle is also KTL coated.

“Thanks to the durable composite technology of the side wall panels and the rear doors, perfect insulation is guaranteed,” Kässbohrer said in a statement. “FRC, HACPP and Pharma certifications are of course available, the trailers are approved for this.”

Teunissen aims to use the new trailers for at least eight to nine years, mainly for the transportation of fresh food.

Teunissen emphasises that TTAS stands for proper representation, order, cleanliness and customer focus. “In addition to our drivers, our equipment is also our company's calling card,” he said. “With Kässbohrer we have found the desired partner in this.”

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