Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicle commits to milestone chassis frame order

Chinese OEM, Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicle, has announced it will provide 1,500 chassis frames to Jiangji Carriage, a partner of SF Express and DEPPON Logistics.

Over the past decade, the two companies have combined their chassis frames and carriages to provide equipment for the logistics service industry.

Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicle and Guangzhou Baiyun Jiangji Carriage Factory recently held a signing ceremony in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.

“The reason why we chose to cooperate with CIMC is that, on the one hand, we like its excellent product quality and, on the other hand, it has fast delivery capability,” said Jiangji Carriage General Manager, Jiang Hongsheng.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, online shopping has become the first choice for people to buy living materials in China. The popularity of online shopping, according to CIMC Group, has stimulated demand for logistics equipment in the supporting logistics service industry. The 'Voyage Series' chassis frames in this order are produced by Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicle, which adopt modular design, high-strength steel structure and aluminium alloy steel ring, with lighter weight, environmental protection and durability. It is a product exclusively designed for logistics and express enterprises.

Enterprises under the CIMC Group reportedly overcame many difficulties amid Covid-19. These OEMs accelerated the pace of product design to through to production to complete their orders on time. This quick response and timely delivery has, according to CIMC Group, saved valuable time for customers in the fierce market competition and won unanimous praise from customers.

“At present, our major customers are very concerned about improving logistics efficiency, reducing failure rate and increasing attendance rate,” said Han Chao, Regional Director of Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicle's domestic sales department.

“Large capacity and rapid speed is the value point pursued by major customers. Even if the purchase cost is slightly higher, the later maintenance cost can also be reduced.

“Jiangji Carriage is headquartered in Guangzhou, and we also have eight service stations in Guangzhou. We have the ability and confidence to provide follow-up services to customers,” he said.

Relying on the brand influence of CIMC Group, Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicle deeply cultivates the South China market, provides follow-up services to major customers, and jointly develops the market with major customers, launches leading products, carries out new marketing, improves delivery capacity and continuously expands the market share in South China. In the first quarter of 2020, orders mainly came from large logistics enterprises and the order volume increased significantly year-on-year.

“Gaining big orders is inspiring, and it is also an incentive and spur for us,” said Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicle General Manager, Ding Zhengxiang.

He added that the cooperation between the two sides would definitely produce synergy effect and provide strong support for each other's business development.

In other news, CIMC generated €11B in revenue for 2019.

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