Gigant shares measures to prevent Covid-19 spread

German axle specialist, gigant, has implemented measures to maintain business as usual processes for its customers and suppliers.

The action plan that gigant has committed to includes tightening internal hygiene regulations and protective measures (additional cleaning staff, disinfection of work surfaces and contact points, distribution of protective clothing and disinfectants).

The company has also offered the option for its employees to use their home as an office where possible and have also distributed all other workplaces to different buildings and offices.

Internal contacts between employees are reported to be minimised to the essentials and internal processes such as shift changes or breaks are restructured accordingly.

In order to minimise the risk of infection, all company travel activities, visits, meetings and external contacts are avoided and digital alternatives have already been successfully used.

“We have been reviewing our value chains and supply chains for several weeks and have been creating alternative supplier strategies to maintain and stabilise our production processes,” gigant said in a statement.

“The delivery and collection of the goods takes place via a specially protected and hygienically strictly monitored area while observing various mechanisms in order to minimise contacts between people.

“We have appointed an internal intervention team and a pandemic officer to ensure communication and coordination between partners, suppliers, customers and public authorities when necessary. We hope that this difficult situation for all parties will soon be resolved and that we can find our way back to normal.”

In other news, Global Trailer interviewed gigant Managing Director, Thomas Veismann.

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