SAF-Holland commits to security of supply

The Covid-19 pandemic necessitates the rapid, flexible adjustment of production capabilities according to SAF-Holland Group.

SAF-Holland is adjusting production at key sites including two German plants in Bessenbach and Singen as well as the production and assembly plants in Turkey, Italy, Brazil, India and South Africa as well as some sales companies.

The measures are reported to range from introduction of partial short time work in Germany to temporary site closures, largely by official order. The duration and extent of the production cutbacks will be adjusted flexibly to the status of the supply chains and the sales markets.

The service and supply of spare parts, SAF-Holland has asserted, are guaranteed without retriction.

Customers of SAF-Holland can be supplied with spare parts at any time to ensure the smooth road transportation operations.

Meanwhile, the situation at SAF-Holland's site in Yangzhou, China, has generally returned to normal. The employees have returned to work; the site start-up is reportedly proceeding on schedule; and the first deliveries to customers have taken place.

“Our top priority is to protect the health of our workforce, keep our supply chain as intact as possible and to minimise the impact of the crisis on our customers,” said SAF-Holland Group CEO, Alexander Geis.

“We have initiated all the measures needed for a flexible adjustment of the production capacities and for an internal Covid-19 emergency response.

“We will react immediately and flexibly to future developments,” he said. “It makes me happy to see how intensive the dialogue is between our customers and business partners, but also within the organisation, to master this challenging time together.”

In recent weeks, SAF-Holland has taken wide-ranging measures globally to counter the spread of the coronavirus. These includes the implementation of a Global Emergency Response Team which advises the Group Management Board on the current situation, prepares and coordinates the materials needed for decisions and monitors communicative and operative measures. In this context, travel rules and a provision for mobile working were decided at an early stage and extensive measures to ensure social distancing implemented.

In related news, SAF-Holland rapidly realises measures to sustainably improve profitability.

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