Cartwright appoints importer in EU

Cartwright is a family-owned company that builds a variety of trailers such as typical British combinations which are sometimes up to five metres high as well as up to four-metre-high continental European builds. The north western part of Europe, however, is not the first export location for Cartwright Group.

“We also export to Australia and to the United Arab Emirates,” Mark Cartwright said.

Cartwright has appointed Burgers Carrosserie to be its importer. Burgers is known for its double deck trailers which it exports all over Europe and also specialises in typical trailers such as airfreight trailers, which have a lower loading floor, smaller wheels and the highest possible internal loading height.

“There’s room now in the European market as we’ve seen that some parties now belong to the same owner [Van Eck and Talson belong to Tirsan],” Mark Cartwright said. “Also, our intention is to be firmly represented on the European continent, now that Brexit is almost a reality. Working with a partner like Burgers will ease our exports to the European continent.”

Other countries
Both partners will take things easy and do not have intentions for now to become active on a short term in other European countries.
“Our elections show that changes are upcoming,” Mark Cartwright said. “We have to wait and see in the first place how markets will react. For now, we take first steps which means approaching possible customers in The Netherlands and Belgium.”

Airfreight trailers are mainly used in north-western European countries to shuttle airfreight between Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London airports. Obviously, there are also other destinations, but the main traffic is between these destinations. Truck trips usually get the flight number of the shipper, who often have so much airfreight to deal with that they seek assistance from road transport services. Airfreight trailers have roller beds in the loading floor for faster loading and unloading of airfreight pallets.

Cartwright has developed a special airfreight trailer suitable for continental European applications. It is four metres in height and the maximum kingpin load is 15 tonnes. Roller beds come as standard and what stands out are reinforced rear frame housing doors with five hinges each. The chassis beams are pulled backwards as far as possible to offer protection to the rear lights and the rear frame. The trailer has relatively small 17.5-inch wheels, which are the standard in airfreight and the interior loading height is 2.95 metres, an important feature for airfreight customers. Outward width is 2.60 metres whereas a regular European refrigerated trailer is just 2.55 metres wide. Customers can choose a reefer of their preference, the same goes for the make of axle and brake. Including a mounted refrigeration unit, the trailer weighs 9,200kg. Cartwright produces its own side panels.

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