Global Trailer setting records in Covid-19 uncertainty, connecting industry

International trailer industry resource, Global Trailer, is getting more engagement than ever as industry seeks the most up-to-date news and celebrates wins during these challenging times.

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Our most-read story for the month, so far, is the March edition cover story 'Multibrand Power', featuring Wielton Group CEO, Mariusz Golec. He commands a strong OEM presence in Poland, Germany, France, Italy and the UK, and following ongoing success with strategic acquisitions and geographical diversification, the top-10 producer of trailing equipment in the world is poised to tackle new markets.

Meanwhile, SAF-Holland's portfolio expansion following its takeover of V.Orlandi also proves to be particularly popular.

This spike in engagement can be attributed to our readership's appetite for positive news, and there are ample opportunities to contribute your story in partnership with Global Trailer.

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