Carrier TRU cools Gray & Adams demo reefer

UK-based trailer manufacturer, Gray & Adams, has added a new Carrier Transicold Vector HE 19 unit to its latest lifting-deck demonstrator trailer, citing the system as the most efficient solution for handling the rigorous demands of double-deck refrigeration.

The new high-specification 13.6-metre, 44-pallet lifting-deck trailer has been specified with a Carrier Transicold Vector HE 19, fully equipped with a range of extra features, including advanced telematics and a light bar indication system – all designed to highlight the advanced technology and innovation available for trailers of this size.

“The internal load space inside a lifting-deck trailer is huge; to set and maintain deep freeze temperatures you need a system that’s truly up to the job,” said Gray & Adams Sales Manager, Stewart Massie. “The new Vector HE system surpasses the performance of its predecessor in every way; it’s more efficient, more powerful, cheaper to run and has improved environmental credentials – when mounted to our double deck. We think we’re showcasing one of the best refrigerated transport solutions on the market.”

The Vector HE 19 unit features a redesigned evaporator airflow management system that harnesses the Coanda Effect to essentially ‘stick’ cool air to the roof inside the trailer, creating more efficient airflow, which is particularly beneficial for double-deck operations. Additionally, the use of a fully hermetic scroll compressor and economiser helps deliver a 40% increase in refrigeration capacity during pull-down, while cutting the chance of refrigerant escape in half.

The system combines Carrier Transicold’s patented all-electric E-Drive technology with a new multi-speed engine design to deliver 0.95 litre-per-hour in fuel savings, when compared to the existing Vector 1950 unit – as independently verified against the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the Association Technic Energy Environment (ATEE) partial load fuel burn standards. It is also 3 dB(A) quieter than a standard Vector 1950 unit, making it around 50 per cent quieter in operation.

The new lifting-deck trailer has been built to Gray & Adams’ latest specification, including aerodynamically efficient body cappings and a tapered roof at the front and rear, designed to help save fuel.

Carrier Transicold supplied the Vector HE 19 unit with a range of technology-focused add-ons, including the DataCOLD 600 temperature recorder and a fuel monitoring and protection system. If the fuel drops below a pre-set threshold, the unit closes down automatically until re-fuelled, avoiding the downtime and expense of releasing an air-locked system.

When combined with advanced telematics and a fleet management system, these features allow operators to track the trailer, monitor fuel levels and load temperatures, remotely alter set points or operation modes, and more.

The new unit also comes equipped with a forward-facing light-bar that provides an instant visual indication of the unit’s operational status – green denoting the all clear, with amber highlighting that an alarm has been raised. The lights are visible to the driver while on the road, providing a real-time update, as well as when parked and when operating from mains power.

“Being at the forefront of design and innovation has always been vitally important to Gray & Adams, and with the Vector HE 19 unit, Carrier Transicold has shown that it shares the same outlook,” said Massie. “The double-deck trailer market is becoming an increasingly important product line for us.”

Based in Fraserburgh, Scotland, Gray & Adams has developed a longstanding relationship with Carrier Transicold, specifying its products for more than a quarter of a century.

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