Librelato unveils ambitious growth plan in South America

At the International Sales Convention 2020 in Brazil, Librelato announced a bold plan to reach 15 per cent market share this year.

The Brazil-based OEM is banking on its innovative technology and efficiency in its aftersales network to achieve its projected South American expansion.

Librelato held its International Sales Convention from 4-7 March 2020 Florianópolis. ​​The event took place at the Costão do Santinho Resort and brought together about 200 representatives.

At the event, participants had the opportunity to prepare for Librelato's most ambitious growth plan, which in view of the innovations and new products launched, characterises the Librelato brand.

“In this historic convention, we had the opportunity to discuss with our dealers our plan to expand Librelato's business to all of South America, making 2020 as promising as it was 2019”, said Librelato CEO, José Carlos Sprícigo.

Sprícigo said that the International Sales Convention 2020 brought a renewal that is set to make 2020 a special year.

“After a strong retraction, the road cargo transportation sector begins to grow in a sustainable manner and we, at Librelato, both factory and network, understand that now is the time to offer even more products that deliver high quality and profitability to fleet owners,” he said.

According to Adão Ribeiro, from the Politruck dealer, which serves the region of Minas Gerais, since the first half of last year, sales of brand implements have been growing in his region. “Fleet owners are looking for implements that are more robust and, at the same time, lighter. But they also want quality aftermarket. That is why Librelato has been standing out,” he said.

Librelato's International Sales Convention 2020 was marked by lectures on different topics, with emphasis on success, strength, potential, future and destiny.

“We created the motto 'Destiny' with the purpose of provoking our representatives from all over South America that we have, today, all the necessary tools to become leaders in innovation and technology in road implements,” said Librelato Marketing Coordinator, Graziela Gislon. “We are convinced that our destiny is the leadership of this segment and we will work both in the development of innovative products as well as in bold actions in the competitive markets where we operate.”

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