Randon posts record financial results following key acquisitions

Randon Companies ended 2019 with consolidated net revenue of 5.1 billion BRL (approx. €969 million), achieving the best result in the company's entire history.

The positive performance, which recorded an increase of 20 per cent compared to 2018, was mainly boosted by the positive performance of acquisitions and partnerships made by the company, the strengthening of the transport sector and the improvement of macroeconomic indicators.

The company also recorded total gross revenue, before consolidation, of $7.3 billion BRL (approx. €1.39 billion), an increase of 21 per cent compared to the year consolidated EBITDA of 690.7 million BRL (approx. €131.2 million), with EBITDA margin of 13.6 per cent. The net income totalled $247.6 million BRL (approx. €47 million) in 2019, an increase of 63 per cent.

For the company, 2019 was marked by several acquisitions and partnerships, which contributed to the positive result of the period, such as the joint venture that created Randon Triel-HT, the constitution of Randon Linhares and of Suspensys Mexico, and the acquisition of the company Ferrari Indústria Metalúrgica, by Master.

According to Randon’s CEO Daniel Randon, the performance presented reinforces the company's strategy in combining the solidity of the organisation with the transformation movement it is going through.

“We were very pleased with the results achieved in 2019, when Randon Companies completed 70 years of trajectory,” he said. “Through investments in innovation, market expansion and proximity to our customers, we are increasingly aiming at the future and maintaining the position of protagonists in the segments where we operate.”

In addition, in 2019 Fenatran, the largest freight transport fair in Latin America, which contributed even more to the relevant positioning of Randon Companies in the sector. The company has launched 20 new products, with emphasis on e-Sys, auxiliary electric shaft to be used in road implements, which is reported to reduce truck fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent.

Regarding the results presented by the company in the fourth quarter of 2019, total gross revenue, with taxes and before consolidation, totalled $1.8 billion BRL (approx. €341.9 million), a 6.0 per cent increase over revenue obtained in the same period of the previous year. The consolidated net revenue increased 6.0  per cent, compared to the fourth quarter of 2018, totalling $1.3 billion BRL (approx. €246.9 million) in the fourth quarter of 2019. The gross profit for the period totalled $304.2 million BRL (approx. €57.8 million), an increase of 9.0 per cent compared to the same period a year earlier. The consolidated EBITDA reached $160.6 million BRL (approx. €30.5 million), with EBITDA margin of 12.5 per cent.

“These results confirm the company's recovery from the challenges of previous years,” said Randon Companies CFO, Paulo Prignolato. “We noticed a positive movement in the market and the improvement of macroeconomic indicators in the short term, but we continue with moderate optimism for the coming months.”

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