H.Essers invests in LAG tipping silo tankers

Belgian logistics enterprise, H.Essers, has expanded its fleet with a new series of tipping silo trailers from LAG.

Since 2015, just under 250 LAG vehicles have found their way to Genk.

The latest series of LAG bulk trailers for H.Essers have been adapted in key parts for the transporter. In order to avoid the transported goods being stuck together, LAG connects the bypass hose to the pressure outlet of the bulk trailer. This reduces the temperature in the tank considerably and will therefore reduce the aforementioned risk.

All silo tankers are equipped with a manually operated tipping valve with remote control as well as a hose rupture protection.

H.Essers' extensions to the standard type ensure that the semi-trailers can operate independently of the tractor unit while reducing hazards to goods and vehicle.

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