Driving Progress: Solutrans Show Review

Manufacturers of heavy goods vehicles, light commercial vehicles, together with semi-trailer and box builders, tyre OEMs and a broad selection of other transport professionals brought their portfolio of work to Lyon, France, as part of Solutrans 2019. For the duration of the international exhibition, 19-23 November, attendees were treated to world-first exclusives that teased new forms of motorisation, advanced vehicle connectivity and electric- and hydrogen-powered mobility in addition to other exciting announcements.

Trailer design highlights
Solutrans was a real success according to Chereau Communication and Press Relations Officer, Aurore Leroyer. “Our customers were very satisfied and very impressed by all the innovations presented but first of all by the new generation of VIP insulation ‘Vacuum Insulated Panels’ thanks to its level of performance with a K coefficient of 0.27 and its ability to reduce the consumption of the refrigeration unit by 25 per cent. The new range Chereau Hydrogen Power H2 was also highly appreciated by our customers, who congratulated us on the industrialisation of hydrogen in refrigerated semi-trailers.”

Chereau also won the Joseph Libner Special Environment Prize at the I-nnovation Awards ceremony. The prize, which rewards innovation in transport sustainability, was awarded to Chereau for its Refrigerated Optimised Advanced Design (ROAD) collaborative project.
ROAD, according to Chereau, was the first vehicle of its type in the world to run on hydrogen and to offer a record level of insulation (K coefficient of 0.27) due to a new vacuum-based technology.

Chereau CEO, Damien Destremau, explained that this intelligent and connected semi-trailer also makes it possible to save an average of 2L/100 km for its tractor due to a complete aerodynamic kit developed by Chereau.

This vehicle is at the origin of the ‘From ROAD to REAL’ program (from the ROAD concept to reality) and enabled the four new Chereau product ranges presented at Solutrans. These ranges benefit directly from the innovations present on ROAD: Inogam EVO, Chereau NEXT, Cherau PERFORMANCE and Chereau Hydrogen Power H2.

“This award, which comes after two gold and one silver medals won at the innovation prize at the previous three Solutrans editions, underlines Chereau’s ambitions to fully contribute to the ongoing energy transition,” Destremau said.

“Indeed, Chereau has decided to industrialise the hydrogen semi-trailer and the new generation of super-insulated semi-trailer, convinced that sustainable development is no longer an option but a necessity.

“Chereau’s employees can be proud to make our brand shine nationally and internationally thanks to their capacity of innovation and the quality of their daily work. Congratulations to all of them.”

Meanwhile, Kässbohrer, exhibited its latest tanker and silo container innovations at Solutrans. During the fair, customers, business partners and press members had the chance to learn more from newly assigned Country Manager, Sylvain Berhault, and the dedicated sales team, to examine Kässbohrer vehicles.

To help fleets excel in food transportation, Kässbohrer developed the K.STL P. The good tanker has a capacity of 32,000 litres with three compartments (12,500L / 7,500L / 12,500L) for the cartage of different foods. Detachable parts ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.
K.STL P offers efficient food transport operations through its 2R quality inner surface, smoothed and polished welding seams and CIP cleaning lines.

The pressurised food tanker is specifically engineered for delicate food distribution operations. There are eight stainless steel rotating cleaning balls, water or steam heating lines, tank and discharge insulation and CIP cleaning as 3-2-3 compartment distribution, which is also used for pressurising the tank to meet versatile client needs.

K.STL P can also be fitted with self-heating food type pumps, sterile box and a collector for single discharging. Kassbohrer’s food tanker is designed for 2.0 Bars operation pressure and is protected from negative pressure with 0.017 vacuum valve.
The K.CON S 40 is reported to offer the lightest tare weight for a 40’ silo container in the market with 2,450kg for 60.4-metres-cubed tank volume.
This silo container is designed for bulk transportation operations and is available in 20’, 30’ and 40’ variants.
Kässbohrer also provides stainless-steel airlines, 360-degree turntable and adjustable discharge cone mechanism. The K.CON S can also be equipped with an aluminium toolbox with hinged door.

K.CON S offers proven stackability up to 170,000kg in compliance with CSC and UIC-Rail codification and 5+1 storage with its tare weight and light frame.

Kässbohrer France will continue to build and grow with a new headquarters and spare parts depot in Lyon.

German OEM, Krone, showcased its latest semi-trailer developments, including the Profi Liner series, a Cool Liner, a container chassis Box Liner as well as the Profi Liner City.

“While the Prof Liner is an all-round vehicle for a wide range of applications, the single-axle Profi Liner City is ideally suited to the challenges of inner-city supply traffic,” Krone said in a statement.

“With the Cool Liner, Krone offers a practical solution for the temperature-controlled transport of foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and frozen products, as well as plants, sensitive electronic components and sensitive pharmaceutical products. At Solutrans in Lyon, Krone showcased the Cool Liner with a continuous chassis optimised at the rear, a stable body and comfortable equipment.
“The robust Box Liner eLTU70 has been specially designed for the tough daily business with frequently changing container sizes and impresses with its exemplary versatility as well as its low empty weight of 4,600kg in the basic equipment, which in turn enables high payloads.”
The trade fair vehicles were equipped with the Krone trailer axle. The Krone trailer axle comes with a six-year warranty with no mileage limitation on the bearing or axle beam.

Krone also presented its comprehensive range of trailer-related services in Lyon, including telematics solutions which are now fitted as standard in all of the OEM’s refrigerated semi-trailers, rental offers via Krone fleet and Krone spare parts.

Krone France is reported to sells approx. 2,000 new vehicles as well as approx. 500 used vehicles via Krone Used. The Krone Center in Pusignan/Lyon employs 25 people, including the Krone Fleet team. The total area of the centre is 20,000 m², of which 300m² is office space. The Krone Center carries out the local final assembly, maintains a 550 m² spare parts warehouse and a 200 m² service workshop.
Coming all the way from the UK, Dennison Trailers made its Solutrans debut as an exhibitor.

Dennison Trailers, based in Naas, Ireland has been manufacturing quality trailers for the transportation and road haulage markets since 1964. Besides the UK and Ireland, Dennison sells in Germany, Scandinavia, Spain and Czech Republic.

At Solutrans, Dennison showcased its Link ‘MEGATRAILER’ Chassis-designed for the EC 96/53 directive – allowing a length of 25.25 m and a gross weight of 60 tonnes.  Several European countries have already approved this directive locally and are seeing the huge cost and efficiency savings- as well environmental benefits in reduced CO2 emissions.

Dennison Export Sales Manager, Peter Lynch, said this combination is now allowed in several countries and has just been approved in Spain and Portugal.

“Dennison has been market leader in this Link chassis with many years’ experience in Scandinavia,” he said. “The new model at Solutrans was equipped with SAF steer axles operated by an electro-hydraulic sensor system. This allow the Link trailer to meet the turning circle requirements of the Northern European markets of Germany and Netherlands.”

Dennison also displayed its range of container chassis.

“This was also our first step into the French market, offering our niche container chassis range, our sliding bogie chassis and our two plus three axles Twin Teu chassis (as well as our standard range of container and tank chassis),” Lynch said. “We received very positive feedback to these innovations particularly from hauliers based around the main ports of Le Havre and Marseilles who can see the flexibility and time saving advantages of these chassis.”
As a family company, Dennison prides itself in the quality of its trailers-and is proud to offer a five-year guarantee in construction and paint finish.

Dutch heavy equipment specialist, Nooteboom, introduced its Teletrailer Longrunner – the latest generation of lightweight extendable flatbed trailers. It is available with two or three hydraulically steered axles and features either a single or double extendible load floor, extending up to a length of 30m.

The Longrunner, according to Nooteboom, is suitable for the transport of long self-supporting loads such as steel and concrete structures as well as containers.

Belgian trailer manufacturer, Faymonville, presented a GigaMAX 1+3 axle lowbed combination. This GigaMAX concept is reported to be suitable for achieving optimal load distribution.

The compact front bogie is integrated into the gooseneck, which helps to reduce the overall length of the convoy and increase the payload. The gooseneck can be removed for front loading process of the machines. The 17.5’ light pendle axle equipment gives the GigaMAX even more manoeuvrability and is also very easy to operate according to the OEM. The GigaMAX is equipped with hydraulic suspension and allows ideal handling even in reverse. The vehicle is suitable for off-road use with a 600mm stroke. The loading platform is expandable up to 13,000 mm and robust with a construction height of only 250 mm.

The GigaMAX semi-trailer is suitable for transporting bulky construction machinery for earthmoving and road construction, recycling, road milling machines, crushing plants or screening plants, among others.

The latest larger low bed products to join the Faymonville portfolio is the VarioMAX Plus!.

“The newly developed product for a payload of up to 105 tonnes at 12-tonne axle load combines the advantages of the proven VarioMAX and CombiMAX systems,” said Marco Andres of Faymonville. “The vehicle is designed to transport the heaviest construction machines, mobile crushing equipment and transformers. The strengths of the VarioMAX Plus low bed semi-trailer lie in its ability to transport high payloads, its modular versatility and manoeuvrability.”

Andres explained the concept is also designed with the future in mind. “This is based on the proven ‘Joker axle’ technology,” he said. “This allows for a one-axle bogie to be integrated either behind the gooseneck or the low bed when a higher payload needs to be moved. The proven pendle axle technology is employed across the board and designed for use on difficult terrain. It enables a maximum total stroke of 600 mm as well as an extreme steering angle of up to 60°.”

Fruehauf – part of the Wielton Group – reportedly gained new customers who were won over by the OEM’s product innovations and dynamic industrial and commercial developments, including the LIFTOP 4P body (liftable in four-position for loading and driving); the EASYUP pneumatic door (bringing comfort, safety and reliability), a new range of trailers with high drawbars; and full LED signalling for better visibility with reduced maintenance costs.

Fruehauf Commercial and Marketing Director, Philippe Le Pochat, said the EASYUP pneumatic lifting door, co-developed with FIT, facilitates the use of vehicles by safely eliminating gestures when opening and closing the rear door. It is also PIEK-compliant for quiet operation.
The MaxiSpeed LIFTOP 4P, Le Pochat said, said the roof of this semi-trailer can be raised up to 400mm during loading operations, increasing the lateral passage height for safer loading and unloading.

“The MaxiSpeed LIFTOP with four positions while driving guarantees versatility of use,” he said. “Simple, this lifting can from an internal height of 2,750mm in the low position to 2,900mm in the high position. The freight is secure over the entire height which allows operators to fully use the available volume.”

For lighter tare weight, the chassis of the LIFTOP 4P is compatible with a non-slip plywood floor as well as laminated flooring.

Kögel brought its award winning NOVUM generation of trailers to Lyon, including the Kögel Cargo and the Kögel Box dry freight box body. The German OEM also promoted the Kögel Trailer Axle KTA as well as its enhanced service offering.

The Kögel Cargo is reported to be ideal for flexible use in European domestic goods transport, featuring an optimised external frame profile and improved body that characterises the NOVUM generation. As well as making the Kögel Cargo even more robust, these features simplify handling in daily use. This trailer design can also be tailored to a high degree of individualisation.

With a low tare weight starting at 5,920 kg in the basic version, it is, according to the OEM, extremely cost-effective to drive.
The Cargo model on display was fitted with reinforcement of the front wall inner with a 2-mm-thick and 1,250-mm-tall steel plate. It also featured the Kögel EasyFix Stopper for quick and easy securing of the sliding roof when open. The Kögel EasyFix Stopper not only holds the sliding roof securely in position, but also allows the operator to close it easily after completing the loading process, without having to unlock it again. This system increases efficiency and safety during loading and unloading.

Kögel also exhibited its Kögel Box – PurFerro quality. It is a lightly insulated dry freight box body, with 30-mm-thick walls and a 40-mm-thick insulated roof produced in-house, ensuring protection for temperature-sensitive goods. The 30-mm-thick non-slip floor is designed for a fork-lift axle load of 7,200 kg and comes standard with a 720-mm-long steel structure plate mounted in the rear. The dry freight box body provides premium transport quality and protection from environmental influences and theft. With a wide range of equipment options, the trailer is also highly customisable in line with specific customer requirements. The Kögel Box – PurFerro quality on show was equipped for double-deck loading with guide rails and 23 loading bars – each with 1,000 kg load capacity. This allows variable level loading with up to 33 Euro pallets with a maximum weight of 670 kg per pallet. A space-saving mechanical roll-up door instead of rear wall doors for fast turnover of general cargo loads has been installed in the exhibition trailer.

Belgium’s LAG Trailers introduced ADR stainless steel tankers to the French market late last year. This vehicle debuted at Solutrans and complements the OEM product portfolio which also includes stainless steel food tankers, silo trailers, fuel tankers, container chassis and aluminium containers. In recent years the company invested time and resources in the production of tankers tailored to the French market as well as further extending its service network and enlarging its sales presence for the local market.

LAG received an approval for its vehicles to transport goods in the ADR classes 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9. That makes LAG’s stainless steel tankers eligible to contain general chemicals such as acids, flammable products and a broad range of other products.
Delvaux will be the first company in France to drive LAG’s ADR tanker. The next batch of LAG ADR tankers will arrive shortly at TIP Trailer Service with other orders in the pipeline.

The tanker LAG presented at Solutrans had a volume of 37,500L and stays well below seven tonnes of tare weight. The vehicle is also equipped with LED lighting, stainless steel heating elements and quality parts of reliable brands.

Lecitrailer, presented its latest vehicles at Solutrans, including the new K-Limit tipper with a box that is protected by the KTL process, a two-axle CityTrailer refrigerated model and the BiTrain, a multipurpose vehicle for container transport.

In addition to the vehicles, the Spanish brand dedicated part of the stand to show its know-how in the development of 25.25 m vehicles, more than 400 units of which have already been manufactured for Spain and which is expected to be legal soon in the French market.
The OEM also has a new environmentally friendly chassis protection system (KTL) which provides a thickness of 50 microns, better visual appearance, anti-corrosion and anti-perforation.

This service offering involved the installation of the most modern cataphoretic coating system on the market: KTL with nanotechnological conversion. This is the technology used in the automotive industry which has the highest quality standards according to Lecitrailer.
KTL, in this instance, applies a layer of epoxy primer through complete immersion and then passing an electrical current (Electrophoretic deposition).  The nanotechnological conversion will ensure that the KTL layer is even, with the same thickness of the layer over its entire surface and reaching all the nooks and crannies of the part.

Lecitrailer said that nanotechnology allows for greater versatility in the materials to be treated such as steel, aluminium and stainless steel and ensures better adhesion to the paint.

“We launched our new image with the drivers as centre of the whole issue, saying that with their Lecitrailer they are a Transport Super-Hero,” Lecitrailer said in a statement. “The new campaign celebrates the work done by hauliers in their daily lives and who, when driving a Lecitrailer vehicle, go from being extraordinary workers to becoming superheroes, having acquired an ultra-resistant vehicle subjected to the KLT process, the Lecitrailer KTL. These vehicles are part of the KLT generation.”

Innovation in refrigeration
Carrier Transicold presented a number of efficient, sustainable and innovative products and solutions that benefit transport refrigeration at Solutrans.

The Vector HE 19 is the next generation of temperature-controlled trailer systems, making its world premiere at the international event. This model is PIEK certified and features a modern design, incorporating a range of innovations to significantly increase operational efficiency. Fuel consumption is reported to be improved by 30 per cent, unit weight is reduced by 10 per cent and its design is optimised to reduce maintenance.
“To create the Vector HE 19, we conducted nearly 100,000 hours of tests,” said Carrier Transicold Trailer Product Manager, Bruno Chakiachvili.
“Pilot units have been installed on some of our customers’ trailers, and they have been highly satisfied,” he said.

“With this new version, we have retained all the precision on which the advantages of our system are built, while improving its efficiency and reducing our customers’ costs.

“The PIEK certification meets the growing expectations and demand of transport companies looking for sustainable solutions and flexibility in urban areas in terms of operational time.”

Another new feature incorporated in the system is the ‘up flow’ concept, which facilitates the flow of air from the front to the top, thereby reducing noise and energy consumption.

The new unit also has an air flow management system based on the Coanda effect, which means the air adheres closely to the roof in order to go as far as possible to the rear of the trailer in order to optimise interior ventilation and ensures precise control of the cold chain. Equipped with the APX control system, which uses Controller Area Network (CAN) technology, this new version provides multi-speed motor control and manages the actuators and sensors to optimise the regulation of the flow and temperature of the refrigerant.

In terms of maintenance, the operating time between oil changes has doubled from 1,500 hours to 3,000 hours. Finally, to ensure the very best user experience, Carrier Transicold has incorporated a large graphic display in the Vector HE 19, for the first time in Europe. With these innovations, operators now benefit from a lower total cost of ownership and operating costs, while reducing the impact on the environment.

As part of the Refrigerated Optimised Advanced Design (ROAD) project with Chereau, Carrier Transicold has provided an engineless refrigeration unit for semi-trailers that uses natural refrigerant (CO2) to minimise its impact on the environment. The ROAD project is a collaborative project with a dual objective that looks to reduce the environmental impact of semi-trailers and improve operating conditions in terms of ergonomics and safety. T
Carrier Transicold is committed to reducing emissions through its flexible power offerings that include all alternative energy solutions to power refrigeration units. These offerings include the ECO-DRIVE hydroelectric module, which supplies the products in the engineless range, as well as the development of new energy sources such as the flexible power axle system, which uses energy from the axles stored in a battery pack to supply the unit.

Carrier Transicold showcased its eSolutions connectivity package – an advanced online telematics platform designed to improve product visibility, manage operating costs and enhance operational efficiency throughout the cold chain.

Standout componentry at Solutrans
Tyre manufacturer, Hankook, showcased its entire product portfolio. As part of the SmartWork line of tyres for the construction industry, Hankook presented its AM11 for steering axles, the DM11 for drive axles and the TM11 for trailer axles.

The treads in the Hankook SmartWork line, AM11, DM11 and TM11, have been specifically developed for construction site vehicles that are tasked with the supply and removal of raw materials such as gravel or waste.

“The Solutrans Exhibition is one of the most important platforms for the French tyre trade market, which is constantly growing in the commercial vehicles sector,” said Hankook France National Sales & Marketing Director, Georges Bochaton.

Hankook currently supplies tyres to Schmitz Cargobull and other OEMs.

Lighting up the show, Aspöck Systems presented a revolution for the aftermarket crowd with its ECOLED II Smartbox. This rear lamp can be used on the left- and right-hand sides of a vehicle. The manufacturer guarantees delivery performance and speed to market.

Italy’s Assali Stefen exhibited its SL9 integrated air suspension (with great weight reduction) and the self-steering axle in its GB version together with the Tyre Inflation System (TIS).

“These efficient solutions significantly reduce operating costs for trailers and semi-trailers, allowing a great reduction in fuel consumption, longer tyre life, and increased safety,” Assali Stefen said in a statement.

The OEM recently presented the SL9 suspension, which is an integrated air suspension with an innovative and patented clamping system. This allows a weight reduction of 20kg per axle and a better roll stiffness efficiency increased by 20 per cent compared to the CS9 suspension. The SL9 suspension’s loading capacity is up to nine tonnes; it is available in five different configurations, on rigid or self-steering axles, either with disc or drum brakes.

Assali Stefen’s self-steering axles are said to be lighter and more reliable than ever. These axles are customisable and feature a loading capacity of up to 20 tonnes as well as an adjustable angle of up to 25°. It is available in the standard and GB (heavy duty) version.
The GB axle series has purposely designed and tested hubs, large tapered bearings with 146mm diameter round beam and suitable sized wall thickness which is meant to bear exceptional loads.

JOST presented its innovative product portfolio including JOST, ROCKINGER, TRIDEC and Edbro to the international exhibition visitors. The show highlights included the automated coupling system KKS, the company’s biodegradable lubricant and the new supporting leg OPTIMA.
JOST’s Comfort Coupling System (KKS) is reported to offers greater efficiency through automated loading and unloading. The comfort coupling system increases safety as manual procedures such as cranking and connecting or disconnecting electrical connectors and air hoses are no longer required. It is also no longer necessary to enter the catwalk.

JOST also brought its new organic grease for the first time to Solutrans. JOST has developed a completely biodegradable high-performance lubricant for its fifth wheel couplings, kingpins and ball bearing turntables. JOST’s new product is a very innovative and eco-friendly solution for the lubrication.

As for the OPTIMA, it is the newest member of the Modul series. It is designed for long-distance transport applications and benefits from reliable componentry while also offering higher payload at lower tare weight. It is available in all three plate positions and four different mounting heights and conforms with the market-standard mounting dimensions.

Other JOST exhibits included: the electric landing gear Modul E-Drive for increased comfort and safety, a highlight from JOST Container equipment: the force-assisted twist lock Easy Lift, the ultralight JOST fifth wheel coupling JSK 34, the DCA STEERMASTER: like all DCA axles it uses the proven components from the DCA series, helping achieve great versatility and reliability and the new blue brake pads.
ROCKINGER presented its tried-and-tested RO*50E towing hitch which is characterised by its robust, low-maintenance design and its simple and safe operation; towing hitch RO*50 BNA especially for the French market; TRITONIC, TRIDEC’s Wireless Trailer Management System; and a new CD cylinder from Edbro.

Solutrans provided KEITH the opportunity to exhibit the WALKING FLOOR V-FLOOR unloading system, particularly for scrap unloading. KEITH works in close cooperation with our trailer builder partners to provide unloading solutions for the scrap industry, which continues to have a growing interest in the heavy-duty and durable unloading system.

Recent improvements to the V-FLOOR slat design create more moving floor surface to move the load that results in improved trailer cleanout and more efficient unloading on an incline. It also provides the opportunity to haul/unload a greater variety of materials.
This year’s Solutrans show attracted an expanded international audience including KEITH trailer builder partners Granalu of Spain and TMT of Italy.
For the second time, Australian manufacturer REDARC showcased its range of products at the Solutrans tradeshow in Lyon, France. The company launched its BCDC1250D DC-DC In-vehicle battery charger to the European market.

The BCDC1250D is reported to be the most powerful in REDARC’s BCDC range and has been designed to charge all major lead-acid batteries, it also includes a lithium (LiFeP04) charging profile. With an inbuilt ‘Green Power Priority’ the unit will select solar charging first, taking the load off the vehicle’s alternator. The BCDC1250D has also been engineered to feature an additional charging state known as SoftStart to handle more demanding applications and provide a higher current output.

Interview with SAF-Holland France Managing Director, Jean Baghdad

Q: How did you like the show?
A: For us, the show had a very good attendance since in total more than 50,000 people visited the fair, an increase of 11 per cent compared to the 2017 edition.
Q: Why did you participate in this fair again?
A: Solutrans is for us the reference of the road transport show in France and it is important to be represented among the major players of the market.
Q: Are you satisfied with the number of visitors and the professional discussions at the stand?
A: We are very satisfied with the number of visitors on our booth since we recorded 30 per cent more visitors than 2017, not only from France, but also from North and West Africa. During this edition, our visitors showed a keen interest for innovation with our electric axle SAF-TRAKr (recuperation), as well as for the reduction of weight on our SAF axles currently in series.
Q: Was there something that particularly fascinated you about the fair?
A: Solutrans is the only occasion where we can meet both our OEM customers and spare parts dealers who exhibit, but also our end users which are the fleets.

LAG Trailers commits to French market
Belgian road tanker manufacturer, LAG Trailers, signed a collaboration agreement with French partner CM SAS. LAG’s manufacturing prowess will expand CM’s business while the local expertise of the French partner will further increase the quality of LAG’s service efforts.

Both parties complement each other in specific business fields. LAG excels in manufacturing tanks for rigids as well as semi-trailers in aluminium, stainless steel for the transport of food, chemicals, fuel and others. CM SAS on the other hand showcases an unparalleled experience in rigid trailers, testing, servicing and the calibration of fuel tankers.

Both companies join forces in France and combine their strengths to grow in the local market. The collaboration agreement between both companies ensures CM a continuous manufacturing capacity for its rigid tanks according to their specifications. LAG on the other hand finds a strong local partner to service, test and calibrate its fuel semi-trailers.

LAG Trailers is invested in France. During the last couple of years the company has created an expansive service network, enlarged its sales presence and designed tankers uniquely for the French market. Next to its manufacturing plant, CM has widened its scope by creating a service company on two different locations. Thanks to this collaboration CM hopes to grow organically while maintaining the same level of service and quality to its customer base.

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