Ryder’s app shows growing demand for commercial vehicle sharing

Commercial fleet management specialist, Ryder, has expanded its peer-to-peer truck and trailer sharing platform, COOP by RyderTM, to the Dallas-Fort Worth market which allows commercial vehicle owners to generate revenue by renting idle trucks and trailers to a network of trusted businesses.

In addition to Dallas-Fort Worth, it is also available throughout Georgia and Florida.

Fleet owners, according to Ryder, can list their vehicles on the digital platform, set vehicle availability for idle periods, and upon vehicle return receive guaranteed payments from Ryder. All COOP users are reportedly vetted to ensure they comply with safety and reliability standards.

The growth of COOP has been supported by the rollout of the platform’s new mobile application and the launch of an on-demand liability insurance product offered through a license insurance partner.

“We are entering the Texas market backed by the success we have already enjoyed in Georgia and Florida and with new tools for our customers, like our mobile app, which makes the process of sharing equipment much easier on mobile devices,” said Ryder Fleet Management Solutions Chief Technology Officer, Rich Mohr. “The Dallas-Fort Worth area is one the largest trucking markets in the United States and as COOP gains momentum, so does our customer base. We are proud to now offer Texas businesses and fleet owners the opportunity to generate revenue from their idle vehicles.”

A benefit of operating in multiple markets is the ability to have repeat customers and the same customer use the platform in the different areas it operates.

Bowman Trailer Leasing is already successfully leveraging COOP in the Georgia and Florida markets and has plans to start using the platform for its operations in Dallas.

“Our experience with COOP has shown us the benefit it can bring to our business, so we are excited to use it to help us tap into the Dallas-Fort Worth area – an already very profitable market – in new ways,” said Leonardo D’Agostini, Business Development, Bowman Trailer Leasing. “COOP makes it easy to convert our idle vehicles into an alternative revenue source, and now the app will make it an even more seamless process.”

COOP generates average monthly earnings of $3,000 USD for a single straight truck or $4,000 USD a month for a sleeper tractor. To date, more than 1,300 businesses have joined the program.

“With COOP, we are generating new business with income coming in that we did not have before,” said Roger Boyd, Operations Manager for Britt’s Home Furnishings, which delivers appliances to new homes in the Atlanta area with its fleet of 26' box trucks leased from Ryder. “We are now able to make money from vehicles that previously sat idle in our parking lot. This is an innovation we’ve been waiting for and we look forward to growing with the platform.”

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