Assali Stefen to release new hubcap and brake drum for TM axle series

Italy-based OEM, Assali Stefen, is due to release a new hubcap on the TM axle series and has also added its latest BH drum brake to its portfolio.

The TM axle series will soon feature a new hubcap with the Assali Stefen ROR logo.

“The new hubcap is stainless steel and has a marking in the centre, which is very useful in order to accurately measure the distance between axles when they are installed on a vehicle,” Assali Stefen said in a statement. “The new hubcap will be on all TM axles starting from March 2020.”

The TM axle series will also see fitment of a new drum brake called BH (350×200) which is reported to provide exceptional braking efficiency and substitutes the equivalent BS brake.

The maximum tested load is 13,500kg.

The brake factor measuring 11.74 enables the use of smaller brake cylinderrs and/or shorter automatic slack adjusters compared to those on the BS brake. These features increase the mounting clearance and reduce air consumption in the tanks.

Technical features:

  • Brake size: 350×200
  • Hub: Standard 19.5″ TM series
  • Wheel fixing: 8×275 or 10×225
  • Test report: 36105117
  • Max tested load: 13,500kg
  • Suitable wheels: 445/45R19.5, 305/70R19.5, 285/70R19.5

In October 2019, Assali Stefen recognised for excellence.

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