Volunteer firefighters use Meiller RS21 hooklift

German volunteer firefighters in Hofheim use versatile, robust road transport equipment like Meiller's RS21 hooklift to provide specialised assistance where it is needed.

The Hofheim am Taunus volunteer fire brigade in Germany comprises 85 volunteer and full-time personnel, providing fire protection and technical assistance for about 40,0000 people who live in the primary area as well as the A3 and A66 motorways, part of the S-Bahn network and a section of the ICE route from Frankfurt to Cologne.

The volunteer firefighters regularly participate in training courses, exercises, medical examinations and further training.

“We have to master the vehicles in deep sleep – every grip has to fit,” full-time member of the volunteer fire brigade Jörg Daniel told Meiller – explaining that it is not so much about driving large vehicles but knowing “where what is located”.

The most demanding part of the training is reported to involve vehicles with turntable ladders and swap loaders such as the Meiller RS 21. This system, the OEM said in a statement, enables the volunteer fire brigade to bring different containers to a site for special purposes where the hydraulic system saves time when loading and unloading.

Full-time firefighter, Bernhard Bender, said the Meiller isar-control radio remote control is helpful as it can control and monitor work steps from any position.

“This gives us security, especially for drivers with less experience,” he said.

Two full-time employees are reported to manage the service maintenance of the fleet which includes two Meiller roll-off tippers, another 14 vehicles, eight roll-off containers and two trailers.

Bender said the Meiller change systems have proven to be robust and durable.

“We have been very satisfied with the solution for 25 years,” he said. “We never had major defects, mostly just minor details, which our Meiller service partner fixed reliably and quickly in no time. Spare parts are always quickly available. Of course, the systems used by the fire brigade are not in continuous use. Nevertheless, we see the low maintenance effort very positively.”

In other news, Meiller’s ‘tailored blanks’ are designed to improve tipper service life.

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