Fontaine launches ‘Revolution’ all-aluminium trailer

US-based OEM, Fontaine, is introducing a new three-axle all-aluminium Revolution drop deck trailer featuring an air lift centre and rear axles.

“The new Revolution tridem gives our customers hauling versatility at the touch of a button,” said Fontaine VP of Dealer Sales, Ken Webb.

“When you lift the rear axle you get a front tandem configuration that measures 40' from the kingpin to the rear axle making the trailer California legal.

“When you lift the center axle you get a 10' 2″ spread axle configuration that will handle the maximum legal load capacity of the trailer with ease. Drop all three axles and you have more capacity to haul heavier permitted loads,” he said.

The patented Routed Aluminium Side Rail (RASR) is reported to withstand impacts 12 times better than the previous industry-standard design.

“It brushes off a forklift hit that would send another trailer to the repair shop,” Fontaine said in a statement. “The patented StirLITE friction stir welded aluminium floor is a lighter, stronger unitised design; it offers unequalled road stability as the trailer travels the highways to reduce friction for longer tire life and better fuel economy.”

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