P&M Express specifies Talson for transport versatility

Netherlands-based courier company, P&M Express, has taken delivery of its third Talson trailer which will be used for various transport tasks.

P&M Express' fleet comprises 25 small vans, 50 prime movers and 100 trailers. 2020 will mark 30 years of operation for the company which has grown to become an international business, employing more than 100 people.

P&M Express CEO, Patrick in 't Ven, said the new Talson trailer can transport both air cargo containers and hanging garments, the latter due to the Talfix system.

“Because of this versatility, the trailer can be used much more efficiently,” he said. “We work with loading and unloading shifts, and they are familiar with working with Talson trailers. This saves time that is valuable not only for us, but also for the customer.”

Talson trailers last a long time and are repair friendly according to in 't Ven.

“This has already proved to be an advantage compared to other trailers that we have here,” he said.

The P&M Talson trailers have an internal loading height of 2.80 metres.

“That's more than enough for us, but it's a standard size for Talson,” said in 't Ven.

The Talson trailers are delivered on drum brakes which is P&M Express' preference.

“These are easier to replace and appear to be advantageous in terms of cost,” said in 't Ven. “For us, Talson is the best air cargo trailer; you can see this type of trailer as a standardised custom-made solution. We use the trailers intensively. Then it turns out that they are also able to withstand a bit of stress. The roller conveyors always work, and if they are not necessary in the case of clothing transport, you can lower them. For the work we have, in the service to our customers, and witness the requirements of our customers with regard to safety, everything comes together well with Talson.”

In other news, Jan De Rijk Logistics bolstered its fleet with Talson.

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