Schmitz Cargobull cooling unit debuts in UK with DWP & Sons

International transport firm, DWP & Sons, has become the first operator in the UK to incorporate Schmitz Cargobull’s latest technology to its fleet, adding 17 new tri-axle reefers fitted with the manufacturer’s most efficient cooling unit.

The new S.CU refrigeration unit is 50kg lighter than its predecessor and 10 per cent more fuel efficient, without compromising on performance. It also meets Stage V EU emission regulations, minimising its impact on air quality, whilst an optimised Silence Kit further reduces noise.

“A lighter and more efficient cooling unit translates to increased payloads and reduced fuel costs for us, so it makes good business sense,” said DWP & Sons Managing Director, Danny Poole.

“I’ve been buying Schmitz Cargobull trailers for 25 years and we have used their cooling unit since they first launched five years ago.

“They’re reliable, well-built and need minimal maintenance. Whenever we do need spare parts the after-sales service is quick and efficient,” he said.

The reefers, which will transport frozen food products to customers in Belgium and the Netherlands, are also equipped with Schmitz Cargobull’s TrailerConnect telematics, providing complete traceability.

Every component can be monitored on the road via an online dashboard, meaning fleet maintenance decisions can be made quickly – reducing running costs and maximising uptime.

As a Schmitz Cargobull customer, DWP & Sons has access to the manufacturer’s pan-European Service Partner network for repair and maintenance.

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