BPW delivers intelligent AirSave tyre pressure control system

BPW’s AirSave, which incorporates the PSI system from Celerity DRS, uses existing trailer pneumatics with fully automatic booster pump to ensure preset tyre pressure is maintained at all times.

This technology, backed by practical tests by freight forwarders, is reported to achieve savings in fuel and tyres.

According to Alfred Weyres, owner and Managing Director of Alfred Weyres Spedition, the purchase of an AirSave pays for itself ‘astonishingly’ quickly.

“The system ensures a permanently optimised roll resistance; fuel economy is clear – and added is the considerably longer tyre mileage,” he said. “Because the fabric carcass is conserved, the system also optimises retreadability.”

AirSave is reported to save about a thousand euros per year in fuel and tyre wear.

For a three-axle vehicle with a mileage of 120,000 kilometres per year and an average pressure deviation of 10 per cent, AirSave, according to BPW, delivers a cost benefit of 700 euros per year – solely as a result of the fuel savings (around 250 litres) and the longer service life of the tyres. At 200,000 kilometres, the cost savings increase to almost 1,000 euros (and they do so year after year).

“The gains in time and safety have not yet been factored into this calculation,” said BPW Product Manager, Caren Freudenberg. “The driver no longer has to constantly check and readjust the tyre pressure on the trailer one at a time. AirSave thus also reduces the risk of tyre bursts, which can lead to considerable downtimes or even serious accidents.”

BPW said if tyre pressure drops rapidly due to damage, AirSave alerts the driver and allows an immediate planned stop in the workshop. The telematics network is already prepared in the factory by BPW. This way, it is not only the driver who is always informed about the tyre pressure via the smartphone app. The authorised agent can also be informed automatically just in case.

Weyres told BPW he was already completely convinced by the test drives with the AirSave system.

“We've received excellent feedback from our drivers, technicians and dispatchers,” he said. “AirSave not only saves costs and time, but reduces your stress as well. When there's no need to worry about the tyres, driving and planning is simply more relaxed. We will consistently order our trailers with AirSave in the future.”

BPW engineers incorporated the market-leading PSI system from Celerity DRS into the AirSave build and developed it further with numerous measures.

BPW thus places great importance on an independent, particularly robust and easy to install design for all external components mounted on the wheel end.

The system uses the existing trailer pneumatics and, with a fully automatic booster pump, ensures that the preset tyre pressure is maintained at all times. The air is guided through the axle beam to the wheel end and from there to the tyre valve. The system will uncover a consistent loss of pressure. AirSave kicks in at a pressure deviation of just 0.2 bar.

AirSave is maintenance-free for three years. Starting in November, BPW will supply all 9-12 t ECO Plus axles intended for AirSave with the corresponding pre-assembled components.

“AirSave is the first tyre pressure control system that meets our requirements in terms of sealing and sturdiness,” said Freudenberg.

As is typical for BPW products, the system can be connected digitally. An optional connection to the ‘cargofleet3’ telematics portal from Idem Telematics is fitted by the manufacturer. The driver can keep an eye on the condition of all tyres at all times via the corresponding smartphone app. The app also indicates whether air has been readjusted.

Vehicle operators can order the AirSave system ex works directly from their preferred vehicle manufacturer.

André Gerken of Celerity DRS is delighted about the collaboration with BPW.

”Together with BPW's engineers, we have extensively developed important components,” he said. “By doing so, we are together lifting the PSI system to an unprecedented level of quality. We are delighted that BPW has decided to partner with Celerity CRS, and we are convinced that our joint solution will quickly establish itself in the market.”

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