SAE-SMB unveils Airmax disc brake axle

France’s SAE-SMB Industries is proposing a new nine-tonne disc brake axle – the Airmax – for trailers.

The nine-tonne Airmax is reported to be a forged one-piece axle body which gives it ‘unequalled’ strength.

”At the bearing area of the cartridge bearing, the rockets are hot rolled by a ceramic ball to locally increase the resistance of the material,” SAE-SMB said in a statement.
“The hub is fully treated by cataphoresis to protect it from any oxidation. Its particular shape with corrugated relief allows a ventilation in the heart of the disk and thus avoids that the heat of the latter comes to disrupt its operation.

“The disc has a styling zone with ventilation openings that allow the air flow to pass through this zone and thereby cool the hub. The heat remains on the track of the ventilated disc.”

SAE-SMB said the Airmax can be fitted with Haldex or Knorr-Bremse brake callipers.

“The eccentrically aligned suspension is secured with self-locking nuts to maintain perfect alignment,” said SAE-SMB. “This can be equipped with a bilateral lift. The axle is guaranteed six years or 1,000,000km in the first of two terms achieved for road and three years or 500,000km for off-road uses.”

Earlier this year, at Bauma 2019, SAE-SMB Industries presented a variety of skels, tippers and low-bed trailers.

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